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Attention quilters! Spotlight is your place for the widest and best array of quilting supplies in Australia, all at affordable prices that will allow you to craft the quilt of your dreams without breaking the bank. Spotlight is the place to be for everything quilting related - whether you are a master at quilting or just starting out, we'd love to help you bring your next quilt to life with our amazing quilting supplies and FREE quilting projects!

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Making quilts is the favoured pastime of many a crafter, and involves sewing together patches of fabric in layers to create one large, beautiful piece. Quilting can be done by hand, although modern quilters often make use of a quilting machine to speed the process along. The material type and shape of the pieces set quilts apart from each other, plus you can sew different shapes and lines directly onto your quilt to suit your vision. Quilts are a lovely way to decorate a bed, and they can also be hung on the walls of your home. Or make someone you love a quilt as a gift! They'll be sure to treasure it forever.

Quilting FAQs

How do I start quilting?

There is so much you can do with quilting, but we recommend you start with a small project to build your confidence. Similarly, choose a design that is simple - for example, with straight squares and lines - so you're not biting off more than you can chew.

Make sure you have ample space in your home to work with - quilts can get big! A dedicated craft room is best, although working in your lounge room or kitchen is also fine, as long as the surface you are working on is clean and steady.

We've got some great quilting and patchwork projects that you might like to try to kick off your quilting adventures!

What quilting supplies do I need to get started?

Some of the quilting tools you will need include quilting rulers, a tape measure, fabric pencils or markers, a rotary cutter, fabric scissors, craft scissors, snips, a seam ripper, an iron, pressing cloth, pins and quilter's safety pins, and binding clips. A special sewing machine for quilting is also very useful.

For a more in-depth look at quilting supplies, read this handy quilting tools buying guide!

What kinds of fabric can I quilt with?

Quilters have traditionally relied on high-quality 100% cotton fabric for their projects. Depending on your item, you may want to use other quilting fabrics too, but you should match the weight and/or thickness of these fabrics to that of your cotton to avoid stretching and fraying, which will spoil the integrity of your quilt. It's a good idea to pre-wash fabrics before quilting, in case of shrinkage or bleeding of colours.

Standard quilts feature three fabric layers - the quilt top (the design), the batting and wadding (or the 'substance' of the quilt) and the backing fabric (the bottom, final layer of the quilt). If you wish, you can buy your pre-cut quilting fabrics.

In terms of style, choose colours and patterns of fabrics that complement each other rather than clash. For example, if you select a large-scale floral fabric as the focal point of your quilt, you should pair it with two or three smaller print fabrics that don't compete for visual attention. If your quilt has a border - like a blanket or rug - plain blocks may be offset by a floral or checked border or, if your quilt is quite colourful and busy, you may prefer to go for a simple border in the one colour.

Check out our quilting fabrics buying guide for more information!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight For My Quilting Projects?

There are some other useful categories we recommend you check out while you're here!

  • The long arm machine - a select few of our stores feature the amazing long arm machine, which will finish your quilt for you! Give these stores a call to see if they can help you finish off your quilt.
  • Wadding & batting - finish your quilt and make it comfy with the right wadding and batting.
  • Quilting machines - similar to a sewing machine, quilting machines are designed to make the process of making and binding your quilt together so much easier.
  • Sewing supplies and haberdashery - for all the little tools you'll need to add hand-made details to your quilt, browse this category here.

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