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Top Tips For Leather Crafting Beginners

Leather crafting is quite the unique craft indeed, but it is also a valuable skill to have. If you are able to work with leather, you are able to create some valuable projects to boot, which is great if you want to sell some of your crafting pieces.

Which Skills Do I Need For Leather Crafting?

The skills you will use on a regular basis depends on the types of projects you will focus on. Of course, certain skills are more important in leather crafting than others. If you are just starting out with the craft, here are some of the basic skills to look into.

Learn the saddle stitch

One of the first things to learn is the saddle stitch, which is the name for the most commonly used stitch on leather. Fortunately, you do not need an expensive sewing machine, as this particular technique is done by hand.


Another skill you want to look at is burnishing - this is a process where leather fibres are heated by using simple friction. This technique is vital for most leather crafting projects, as it helps you neaten up those raw edges.

What Are The Basic Tools For Leather Crafting?

When you work with leather, you will find that your basic cutting tools just will not provide the desired results. Therefore, you want to look into getting the basic tools for leather crafting, which you can find at Spotlight too. But which are the basic leather crafting tools you need?

The round knife

If you think about leather crafting, one of the first things you will think about is the traditional round knife. Even though traditional, this kind of knife is extremely versatile and should be added to your collection.

When you start working with a round knife, keep in mind that this particular tool needs a bit of skill to operate. The price of this tool can also be quite high, especially for those who have not decided they want to keep doing leather crafting. So, if you are working with leather for a single project, you could consider a more basic rotary cutter instead.

The rotary cutter

Rotary cutters can be your best friend when you just start out with leather crafting. They are affordable and can cut through relatively though materials. And while the round knife will provide much better results for most leather crafters, the rotary cutter is a fine place to start nonetheless.

Diamond chisels

When you need to make some holes in the leather for a project, you need the appropriate tool to do so. Getting some diamond chisels is therefore recommended. Like some of the other tools in our overview, they do require a little bit of practice first. So, you may want to try them on a spare bit of leather before you use them on a project.

Stitching horse

This tool is something you might not look at until later on, but you may want to do so in the beginning. As you know, working with leather can take quite some time and the stitching can be a rather arduous task. Getting a stitching horse can make the job a whole lot easier though.

Please note that you do not necessarily need the stitching horse when you want to stitch leather. However, it can make the process a whole lot easier.

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