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Mixing bowls are an absolute kitchen essential as they are versatile for baking & cooking! Choose from mixing bowls in different sizes and styles online.

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No kitchen can ever be complete without a set of mixing bowls, and our selection of magnificent mixing bowls will become the kitchen tools that you can't live without. Whether you are stirring, marinating or serving, shop our range of kitchen bowls today for top quality bowls from some of the biggest brands at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

Which Mixing Bowl Is Right For Me?

Well, that depends on what you need it for as well as the style and colour that you like. For anyone who loves to cook, it is recommended that you have a set of mixing bowls in a range of sizes to allow you to mix and prepare a variety of different items. After the size of your bowl, one of the most important things to consider is its material. Check out our handy guide below for a breakdown of the different types of bowls we have available.

  • Glass Mixing Bowls: Glass is a great material for a mixing bowl, as it is non-reactive which means that it will not chemically affect the taste, colour or texture of the goods. They are also great to use as serving bowls as you can see what is inside.
  • Metal Mixing Bowls: Metal mixing bowls are ultra-durable and super versatile. They are affordable, unbreakable, heatproof and lightweight. Although, using a metal mixing bowl is not recommended if you are whisking egg whites.
  • Ceramic Mixing Bowls: Ceramic bowls can be found in a wide range of colours and sizes, they are heavy and will stand stable on the counter. They are beautiful bowls and can be used both for mixing or serving salads, pasta, or nibbles.
  • Plastic/Melamine Mixing Bowls: Plastic mixing bowls are ultra-versatile and great for serving salads at a picnic or BBQ. They are also lightweight which makes them great for helping you to stay more comfortable when you are whisking for a long time.

Mixing Bowls FAQs

How to Keep Mixing Bowls Safe?

Wash your mixing bowl after each use to avoid any cross-contamination of harmful bacteria. It is a good idea to have multiple mixing bowls that are used for different purposes.

Are mixing bowls dishwasher safe?

Generally, glass mixing bowls will be dishwasher safe. Please check individual products to see whether your bowl is dishwasher safe.

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