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Look Back On The Good Times With A Quality Photo Album From Spotlight

Whether you want to use them for a specific occasion or just to record everyday life, photo albums allow you to easily look back on some of the best moments you've enjoyed. While printing out photos is a rare practice these days, being able to look through a full photo album of precious memories is definitely worth it!

At Spotlight, you can find a range of photo albums available, with different sizes, colours and photo sleeves available to suit your needs. Start creating and preserving beautiful memories with a photo album book from Spotlight today!

Why photo albums are great for preserving memories

Photo albums provide a durable, sturdy and soft place to store hundreds of photos, and they also make it easy to flip through your favourite images at any given time.

Photo albums keep your photos protected from sun, water, dust and dirt, preserving them like brand new and allowing you to enjoy looking at quality photographs for many years to come. Baby photo albums, school photo albums and holiday photo albums are some of the most popular types you'll find in people's homes!

Photo album FAQs

What is a photo book?

Photo books are books with pages that have the image from a photograph printed on them. This allows you to see your images blown up and in great colour - photo books are often used for special occasions such as weddings, births and family photoshoots.

What is a photo album?

A photo album is a book filled with durable plastic inserts. These inserts (usually two or three to a page) are designed to hold a single photograph, or possibly two back-to-back. Some books allow you to add extra inserts if needed, while others have small paper slips next to each insert where you can write notes about the accompanying image.

How to store a photo album

Photo albums should always be closed when not in use to prevent sunlight from damaging the photos inside. Once closed, they can be stored on a coffee table (for more frequent viewing) or on a bookshelf for safekeeping.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other products used to store and display photos, which include:

  • Single photo frames: You can showcase a single image in these quality frames, with many sizes, colours and frame types to choose from.
  • Collage photo frames: These clever frames allow you to display multiple images in one frame - perfect for photos from a single holiday, event or family photoshoot.
  • Shadow box frames: These deep photo frames can be used to store 3D objects like clothes, awards, tickets, flowers and small crafts.

Discover more types of photo frames, such as large certificate frames and photo frame packs, in our huge home decor section!

Find the right photo albums at Spotlight

Choose the perfect photo albums, safely pay and we'll deliver your photo album books straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the perfect photo album book for your images.

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