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The Best Craft Storage for Your Needs? Discover Available Options at Spotlight!

When you craft regularly, you might have loads of crafting supplies that require their own space. Naturally, finding space for all your crafting supplies is more difficult than you might think, but there is a solution under the horizon called "craft storage". Below, customers can find the best craft storage solutions available today. So, if you are looking for a better way to store your valuable crafting supplies, be sure to check out the craft storage options below.

What Is the First Recommended Craft Storage Solution?

The first recommended craft storage solution is the craft storage box. Craft storage boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes nowadays, although the best-known craft storage box is undoubtedly the carry case divided into small compartments. This type of storage solution is most suitable for jewellery-making supplies and other smaller crafting supplies.

In addition to the crafting box with various smaller compartments, you will also find a craft storage box with one large storage space - this type of storage is often used for sewing supplies or small strips of fabrics for fashion design projects. However, this type of storage box can be used for many other crafts too.

What Is the Second Recommended Craft Storage Solution?

Another popular storage solution for crafts is the stackable pack craft storage. The stackable pack craft storage gives crafters one large storage unit, but with several individual compartments. However, contrary to the compartments inside a storage box, these compartments can be separated from each other - this could prove useful when you only require one set of beads, sewing needles, or other supplies you might be storing inside these compartments.

What Is the Third Recommended Craft Storage Solution?

The third recommended craft storage solution is probably one of the oldest storage solutions in existence, more specifically the storage bag. Storage bags can be used for loads of different crafting supplies - this includes beads, sewing thread, fabric strips, and much more. However, storage bags are not suitable for sharper crafting supplies such as sewing needles or scissors. Therefore, the storage bag should only be used for safe crafting supplies such as beads and thread.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Craft Storage Solution?

Our fourth recommendation could be considered as an essential for jewellery makers, more specifically the jewellery stand. Jewellery makers already know that it can be frustrating to work on a piece of jewellery without having the proper stand, since there is no way to store your piece of jewellery art then. Fortunately, a jewellery stand can solve all these problems and provide you with additional benefits.

Jewellery crafters who have their own jewellery stand can also design their pieces a little better, since the jewellery stand enables them to display their necklaces better. It gives them better insight into the flow of the jewellery piece, so experienced jewellery makers could certainly create more intricate necklaces.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Craft Storage Solution?

In addition to the jewellery stand, jewellery makers should also consider a bar display. With a bar display, crafters have the perfect display stand for their bracelets. Like the jewellery stand, the bracelet bar enables crafters to safely store pieces they are working on, but it also enables them to keep their finished bracelets safe.

What Is the Sixth Recommended Craft Storage Solution?

The sixth recommended craft storage solution is the document box, which is a popular choice for crafters who are into all types of papercrafts, but also artists who want to keep their finest sketches safe.

Document boxes are available in all types of shapes, sizes and designs nowadays. At Spotlight, you can also find nested storage boxes, which fit into larger storage boxes, or could be stacked on top of each other in the crafting room.

What Is the Last Recommend Craft Storage Solution?

Our last recommended craft storage solution is a cart, which consists of three or more trays. The cart can easily be wheeled to its desired location, which makes this storage solution suitable for any crafter who owns many crafting supplies.

The craft storage cart is quite reminiscent of the cart you will find at your local hairdresser, which is used to store scissors, hairdryers, or other tools they commonly need for their profession. Considering how functional these carts are, we can certainly recommend them for almost every crafter out there.

Where Can I Find More Craft Storage Solutions at Spotlight?

Spotlight has an entire section that only contains the finest craft storage solutions. If you need more inspiration for your craft room, be sure to check out the craft storage options available in this section. Cannot find the craft storage you are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact Spotlight for some assistance!



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