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Showcase your achievement with the stunning certificate frames. Shop certificate frames online at Spotlight and secure your certificate.

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Display Posters And Certificates In The Right Frame From Spotlight

Whether it's a poster representing your favourite pop culture moment or a certificate acknowledging your hard work at school or university, displaying them in the right kind of frame will go a long way to showing it off!

At Spotlight, you can find a great range of poster frames and certificate frames, with different sizes and frame colours and makes available for you to choose from. Whether you're decorating your home theatre room or doing up your office, these plastic and metal poster frames will get the job done.

What sizes do poster frames and certificate frames come in?

Most will be A4 certificate frames, but you can also find A3 and even larger poster frames at A1, A2 and 60 x 90cm sizes. More rare but still available are 30 x 30cm square frames.

Poster & certificate frame FAQs

How to frame a poster

Take the frame apart and make sure the glass is clean and dry. If your poster or certificate isn't sitting flat, attach it to a thin sheet of card or cardboard using tape. Slide the glass back into the frame and then place your poster (and the sheet of card) if needed and finish with the backing.

How to frame a degree certificate

Degree certificates are often rolled up, so keep them flat in the frame by using acid-free photo tape. You can also flatten it under a heavy book or box for a day to help straighten out the paper. Once it is flat, remove the backing from your certificate frame, line the face of the certificate against the glass and then replace the backing, press it into place and hang.

Should you frame your certificates?

Certificates are a visual recognition of some of your greatest achievements, and they're often awarded for successfully completing a degree, gaining a qualification or winning an event. Showing off your award with a degree certificate frame allows you to be reminded of your hard work, keeping you inspired while also looking great on your wall or desk!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other types of image frames at Spotlight, including:

  • Single photo frames: Display a single image in any of these quality photo frames.
  • Collage photo frames: These frames have multiple spaces that allow you to show off a few different images in one space.
  • Shadow box frames: These deep frames allow you to show off 3D objects in a rame, such as clothes, flowers, awards and other trinkets.

You can also find photo albums and photo frame packs for storing or displaying many different photos in our amazing photo frames category.

Find the right certificate and poster frames at Spotlight

Display all sorts of posters and certificates in the small and large poster frames and certificate frames from Spotlight! Choose your degree and movie poster frames online, safely pay and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right plastic, wood and metal poster frames and degree frames for your needs.

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