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Protect your mattress by snuggly covering a fitted sheet over the top. Suitable for any style of bed, shop Spotlight's fitted sheet collection today!

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Sleep Soundly On Great Value Fitted Sheets From Spotlight

Fitted sheets are specifically designed with an elastic on each corner in order to make them fit perfectly around your mattress. Once placed over the mattress, you will not have to worry about the sheet moving in the night, even if you are a very restless sleeper! Spotlight stocks single, double queen and king fitted sheets from a number of leading manufacturers such as KOO, Emerald Hill and Brampton House. Each manufacturer has one or more ranges of bed linen of varying quality and thread count. The thread count is applied to all cotton bed sheets and the higher the thread count, the softer and longer lasting the sheet usually is. Sheets with a very high thread count often get even softer after several washes. Fitted sheets can be purchased by themselves, together with flat sheets and pillowcases, or as a complete sheet set.

Why You Should Always Use A Fitted Sheet

Many people use a fitted sheet for both comfort and appearance, as well as to protect their mattress. A fitted sheet works as a physical barrier between your body and your mattress, helping protect it from sweat, oil and skin cells that you shed overnight (of course, we recommend a mattress protector for full protection). Fitted sheets also give you a smooth surface to sleep on, rather than the puffy, quilted surface of your mattress. Depending on the material it's made of, your fitted sheet can also help keep you warm, cool, dry or any number of other handy comforts! Look for linen, cotton or flannelette fitted sheets to suit your sleeping needs.

Fitted Sheet FAQs

What are fitted sheets?

A fitted sheet is a bed sheet with elastic in the corners, designed to tightly wrap around the top and sides of your mattress. When put over a mattress correctly, the fitted sheet should be tight and perfectly smooth. Fitted sheets come in all mattress sizes, so you can always find a fitted sheet to fit your mattress - use queen fitted sheets for queen mattresses, super king fitted sheets for super king mattresses, and so on.

How to fold fitted sheets

There's no easy way to fold a fitted sheet, as those elastic corners don't make it easy! For a step-by-step rundown on how to do it on your own, read our guide to folding a fitted sheet online. You can also just lay it out flat with the elastic facing up, fold in the corners until you have a rectangle and proceed to fold your sheet as normal.

How to stop fitted sheets from coming off

If your fitted sheet is the right size for your mattress and still won't stay on, first ask yourself if you have any bulky mattress protectors, toppers or underlays on your bed as well - they add extra height to your mattress so you may need some fitted sheets with extra depth, which are called deep fitted sheets.

If this isn't the case, make sure you are lifting each corner of the mattress when putting on your fitted sheet - each corner of the fitted sheet needs to be tucked around and under the corner of the mattress, not just around the side.

If your fitted sheet is ripping, consider washing them in a more gentle way to prevent the material from thinning - this means cool water, a mild detergent and air drying in the shade. If you're wondering how often to wash a fitted sheet, the answer is every one or two weeks - more if you sweat a lot overnight or have pets in the bed.

What Else Can I Find in the Bed Lined Category At Spotlight?

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  • Sheet sets: Give your bed a makeover with a brand-new sheet set! These sets include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and matching pillowcases. Choose from quality materials like cotton, linen, bamboo or fleece to suit your sleeping needs.
  • Pillowcases: The right pillowcase can help you stay cool, comfortable and, most importantly, asleep, overnight. Look for materials like bamboo for a cool sleep, flannelette for a warm sleep and silk or satin to help your skin and hair stay healthy overnight.
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Find The Right Fitted Sheets At Spotlight

You can find a huge range of plain and printed fitted sheets at Spotlight. Once you've found the perfect fitted sheets online, safely pay and we'll deliver your fitted bed sheets straight to your front door. You can also visit your local Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the best-fitted sheets for your sleeping needs. Before making any purchases, ensure you're making the smart choice for you by reading our buying guides including the Bed Linen Buying Guide and Care for Bedding and Bed Linen Guide. And for fun bedroom inspiration and ideas, check out our blogs on guest bedroom ideas, bedding for your sleeping style and creating a serene haven in your bedroom.



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