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How To Use Artificial Plants In Your Home?

Do you like the minimal maintenance that artificial plants require? Or maybe you want something more elaborate than the average houseplant? Whichever it may be, there are many reasons why artificial plants have become more popular in Australia. If you have little experience with artificial greenery and plants, be sure to read through our guide below.

Are Artificial Plants Better For My Home?

In most cases, artificial plants are a preference. Some people prefer real flowers, while others do not like the maintenance that comes with it. Of course, there can be a medical reason why people look at artificial plants. For example, if you are sensitive to plant pollen, then the artificial options enable you to enjoy a green environment without all the sneezing!

Is Plastic Or Fabric Better For Artificial Plants?

Once you take your first steps in the world of artificial plants, you will quickly notice that your main two choices are fabric and plastic. Of course, each of these materials has benefits, so let us take a look at each one so you can make an informed decision.

Fabric artificial plants: Fabric plants can look remarkably real. In fact, many people struggle finding a difference between the real thing and the artificial fabric plant. On the flipside, fabric plants can be a little more prone to wear and tear, which means you may have to replace them over time.

Plastic artificial plants: Plastic plants have also evolved over the years and they look more real than ever. Unlike silk, they are less prone to wear and tear, which means you will get many years out of them. They are also very affordable, so you don't have to break the bank either.

When you purchase plastic artificial plants, you must take discolouration into consideration. If the plant is placed in direct sunlight for longer periods of time, the plastic may start to discolour and ruin the look of your plant. Even those plants that come with an additional protective layer will need to be monitored. Ideally, you want to add a new protective layer at least every year to maximise the lifespan of your plant.

What Is The Best Way To Decorate My Home With Artificial Plants?

When you are new at decorating your home with artificial plants, there are some things to think about. Of course, the quality of the plants you obtain is paramount, even though they are considered "fake".

If you are going for the most realistic look possible, look out for artificial plants with realistic colour gradients. It is important to realise that there will always be a colour difference between the stem and the leaves. However, that difference should not be too much, otherwise your plant will most definitely look fake. Also, look for plants that include natural imperfections. Evidently, a plant that looks absolutely flawless will look fake, so some small imperfections can actually benefit you.

In a bid to make your plants look real, you should also look for options that aren't perfectly symmetrical. Even though there may be some applications for plants with perfect symmetry, if you are looking for a real look, you need a little asymmetry.

Some experts will tell you to place your artificial plants in a location with natural sunlight in a bid to make them look real. While this could have such an effect, you have to consider that such location could reduce the longevity of most artificial plants, as sunlight can make colours fade and even deteriorate certain materials.

The Range Of Artificial Floristry And Greenery

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, Spotlight provides an amazing range of floristry and greenery, this includes artificial rose bouquets, fern twigs, wreaths, mixed flowers and even dedicated containers. In other words, our range enables you to create artificial flower arrangements from scratch!

When you visit Spotlight, you can count on more than just artificial plants. We also provide other decorations for your home at the sharpest prices. So, if you are thinking of giving some rooms in your home a complete overhaul, be sure to take full advantage of the range we provide to you. We are sure you will find some many amazing options.



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