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Add some character and vibrance to your home with our beautiful canvas print range at Spotlight. Discover canvas prints online or in store now.

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What are canvas prints?

Canvas prints are an easy and cost-effective way of dressing up your walls and adding a bit of style to a space. These are made using modern printing techniques that allows images and other artwork to be mass produced on canvas. These prints are great alternatives to paintings and other artwork which are more difficult to produce since they are individually painted by hand or released by artists in limited numbers, which subsequently drives the price up.

Where can I buy canvas prints online?

Spotlight offers a large selection of canvas prints which range from stock photographs, abstract art, inspirational words, to fun illustrations for kids. The photos depicted in the canvas prints we offer include breathtaking landscapes, mood setting scenes and close up portraits of many interesting subjects. We also have canvas prints that feature prints of abstract paintings and modern art if you're looking for a more elegant and upscale look. On the other end of the spectrum, we have canvas prints that feature drawings of superheroes and cartoon characters that kids will absolutely love.

Many of the canvas prints we have for sale are already mounted onto frames or wood stretcher bars so that you can immediately hang them up as soon as you receive them. This will save you the trouble of taking your canvas prints to a professional framer or having them look like posters that have simply been taped or tacked onto your walls. Some people prefer the classic look of framed canvas prints while others like the minimalist and more modern look of canvas prints mounted on wood stretchers.

How do I use canvas prints to improve the look of a room?

Our canvas prints also come in different sizes ranging from small 25 x 25 cm prints to pieces as large as 240 x 140 cm to suit different rooms and interior designs. Small canvas prints are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, kitchens and bathrooms where wall space is limited by windows and closets, while our larger canvas prints will easily fill up large empty walls in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways.

You don't have to limit yourself to just one canvas print when decorating a wall. To make it more interesting to look at, you can fill it up with different prints of varying sizes and make the space look more like an art gallery. If you're looking for something more personal, you can have your images and artwork sent to a professional printer who can turn them into custom canvas prints. To make really good looking canvas prints, you have to ensure that the images you print have a high enough resolution so that it shows a decent amount of detail no matter how large it ends up being.

What other types of wall art does Spotlight offer?

Aside from canvas prints Spotlight offers many different options that you can easily use to give your walls and rooms a new look. We have a huge range of wall stickers that are modern alternatives to wall paper and paint. These are basically vinyl stickers that feature a range of graphic prints with some mimicking more expensive materials like brick, stone and hardwood that you can easily cover up entire walls with. These are great alternatives for DIYers and renters where a full blown renovation is not really an option.

We also have metal art pieces that will give any plain wall a more contemporary look. Unlike stickers or canvas prints, these wall decorations are 3-dimensional and look more like sculptures on your wall. They also do a great job of drawing the viewer's eye and creating an interesting focal point in a space.



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