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Enjoy Healthy Meals Using A Quality Food Steamer From Spotlight

Steaming is one of the oldest methods of cooking in the world, and is loved worldwide for being a clean and easy way to create healthy food. At Spotlight, we have a wonderful variety of food steamers, both as individual pieces and handy food steamer sets. With classy, modern designs to suit any kitchen available, you're bound to find a steamer pot set to suit your needs here!

Why use a food steamer when cooking?

Steaming food is one of the healthiest ways to cook, as you don't need to add oils or fats to cook the food. Steaming requires only water and the vessels you plan to steam in! This also means steamers are very easy to clean - rather than scrubbing away at spilled oil or burnt pieces of food, you need only give your food steamer a quick wash with dish soap to restore it to its original gleaming shine. Food is almost impossible to burn in a steamer, so even the worst chefs can rest easy when using one. As long as there is water in your steamer it will continue to work - just ensure it never boils dry!

Food steamer FAQ

How does a food steamer work?

A steamer looks like a metal pot with holes in the bottom and handles on the side. This pot can be placed over a saucepan or matching base, which will be filled with around 4 or 5 cm of water. The two combined pieces are then placed over a burner. When switched on, the burner will cause the water to heat up and eventually turn to steam, which rises through the steamer and cooks the food. A lid on top seals the steam in and helps the food cook faster.

How to use a food steamer

Using a food steamer is quite easy, and it requires only two additions - your food of choice, and some water. You need to fill the base pot with a few centimetres of water - not too much so the water splashes into the food and takes too long to evaporate, and not too little that it will boil dry.

Place your steamer full of food on top of this water-filled vessel, then place the entire contraption onto our stove at medium/high heat. The length of time it takes for the food to cook will depend on how dense the food is and how much you have in there - check the packaging on your food for expected steaming times to use as a guideline.

Once your food is cooked, carefully remove the lid and remove the steamer from on top of the pot and retrieve the food using tongs or a slotted spoon.

How to clean a food steamer?

Because they only use water in them, steamers are generally easy to clean as food doesn't usually stick to them and there are no messy oils and fats to wipe off. Most food steamers are made from stainless steel, so both single food steamers and steamer pot sets can be placed in the dishwasher or hand washed to equally good effect.

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Find The Right Food Steamers At Spotlight

Let's create some tasty, healthy meals using a food steamer! Order online and have your food steamer home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store to choose your steamer set in person. Make sure you read our cookware buying guide to help you choose the right cookware for your home. And for fun creative, party and decorative inspiration, read through our amazing ideas blog now!



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