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Looking for an embroidery sewing machine to complete your next project? Find quality embroidery sewing machines on sale at Spotlight.

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Discover Incredible Embroidery Machines At Spotlight

Create precise, professional-looking embroidery with the right embroidery machines from Spotlight. Embroider designs on canvas to display or add unique decorations to clothing and fabric bags with our handy computerised embroidery machines! Make your project come to life with embroidery machines at Spotlight, you can create amazing designs right from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy Embroidery Sewing Machines From All Your Favourite Brands

Our embroidery machines come from a range of popular sewing brands loved by Australians for decades. Enjoy brands like Singer, Elna, Semco and Janome in our embroidery machines, as well as for corresponding sewing equipment and accessories. The collection of embroidery machines at Spotlight feature new technology and advanced functionality so you can transform your textiles effortlessly and elevate your creative journey!

Embroidery Machine FAQ

What is an embroidery machine?

An embroidery machine is a specialised sewing machine designed to embroider designs onto fabric. It uses a needle and thread to stitch the design, and comes in either free-motion or computerised varieties.

Should I get a computerised embroidery machine?

A computerised embroidery machine makes it much easier to get your chosen design into fabric. Not only is the design recreated perfectly onto your fabric, but things like threading needles and winding bobbins can all be done semi-automatically as well.

With a computerised embroidery machine, you can't create a completely unique design like you would with a free-motion one, but the ease of use makes them a popular choice if you want a precise and professional-looking stitch.

What can I do with an embroidery machine?

You can use an embroidery machine to do heaps of cool things, including:

  • Personalise a carry bag! Whether it's your child's book bag or your own reusable linen shopping bag, adding your initials or a simple image goes a long way to making your bag a little extra special.
  • Add detail to cotton or linen clothing! You can embroider a cute design on the leg of your jeans, the pocket of a shirt or even on a floppy bucket hat. Just keep in mind you will have to sew your clothes back together if you choose to open them up this way.
  • Embroider a traditional hoop! Embroidery machines often have a section where you can clip an embroidery hoop into, if you want to do some more traditional embroidery.

What Else Can I Find in the Sewing & Fabrics Range At Spotlight?

Expand your sewing kit with heaps of great sewing supplies from Spotlight, including:

  • Needlework threads - beautiful coloured cotton and satin needlework threads can be found here, in a vibrant range of colours.
  • Sewing supplies and fabrics - our fabrics have amazing colours, patterns and prints for you to bring your dream creation to life with! Choose from materials like satin, cotton, polyester and even faux fur.
  • Overlocker machines - create the perfect overlock stitch with any of these handy machines.
  • Sewing machines - a classic sewing machine is a must have for all sewing enthusiasts.

For all your other sewing needs, browse our sewing and fabrics hub online!

Find The Right Embroidery Machine At Spotlight

Create gorgeous embroidery patterns with the help of any of Spotlight's embroidery machines. Buy online, pay safely and have your embroidery machines home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will assist you in finding the right embroidery sewing machine for your needs. For more assistance in buying sewing machines, read our sewing machine buying guide and guide to sewing for beginners online. And once you are comfortable with your new embroidery machine, try some of our fun projects, like our bee embroidery project, our peony rose project or even our amazing floral kaleidoscope project!



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