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Power up the appliances at home easily with the handy powerboards & adapters at Spotlight. Shop powerboards online and never be short of power again.

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Utilise Paperboards, Adaptors And Cables In The Home From Spotlight

Enjoy the benefits of technology at home with the right power cords, powerboards and extension cables from Spotlight! The right cables, boards and adaptors ensure you can always keep your devices charged and functioning, no matter the location of your powerpoints.

What is the difference between a right-hand and left-hand adaptor?

The terms 'right hand' and 'left hand' when used with adaptors refer to the direction that the adaptor extends out when it is plugged in. So a right-hand adaptor will extend to the right when plugged in, while a left-hand adaptor will extend to the left.

Powerboard, adaptor and cable FAQs

What is a powerboard?

A powerboard is a long, thin board with several powerpoints on it that takes up a single powerpoint when plugged in. A powerboard allows you to power several devices off of one powerpoint, and often have a long cable that makes it easy to access the board when the powerpoint is located in a hard-to-reach place.

How long can an extension lead be?

Extension leads can be extremely long (sometimes up to 70m). But at Spotlight the longest extension cable you'll find is 5m long. This cord length is most suitable for use in the living room or office.

What is a power adaptor?

A power adaptor is a power supply for your electronic devices that plugs into your wall and allows you to use multiple devices out of a single location. They don't extend out like a powerboard, and are ideal for use in smaller spaces.

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Find the right powerboards, power cords and power adaptors at Spotlight

Keep your electronics functioning with any of the power extension cables, powerboards and power adaptors from Spotlight. Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your power extension cables, boards and adaptors straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your gadgets in person.

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