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Sewing is a fun hobby, but it can leave you with loads of stuff with no place to store it. Fortunately, there are many sewing storage solutions available today! Today, we will cover the best sewing storage solutions from Spotlight, so you can find the perfect storage solution for your craft supplies.

What Is the First Recommended Sewing Storage Option?

One of our first recommendations from our catalogue is always the Krafty Savers Large Sewing Box. The Krafty Savers Large Sewing Box is perfect for beginners, but especially recommended for experienced crafters, since this storage option has plenty of space for someone with a lot of sewing supplies.

Even though the Krafty Savers Large Sewing Box has plenty of room, it remains portable because of its useful carry handle. The box is also made from plastic, which is a little lighter to take with you.

When you choose the Krafty Savers Large Sewing Box from our catalogue, you can select various colours to match your personal preferences. So, before you add this crafting box to your shopping cart, make sure to select your favourite colour from the dropdown list.

What Is the Second Recommended Sewing Storage Solution?

Another affordable storage solution from our catalogue is the Krafty Savers Handy Sewing Box. This sewing solution is divided into several compartments, and one part of the box can even be taken out to store some of your bulkier items.

The Krafty Savers Handy Sewing Box is often used as an additional sewing storage solution, which could prove useful if you want to keep the sewing supplies you are using on your current project separate from the rest of your supplies. Of course, it could also prove useful if your current sewing storage box is getting too full.

What Is the Third Recommended Sewing Storage Solution?

At Spotlight, you can acquire storage solutions that enable you to store all your sewing supplies. However, there are some storage solutions that enable you to store specific sewing supplies too - for example, thread. One of these storage solutions is the Birch Bobbin Box with 28 threads.

There are many reasons why you should add the Birch Bobbin Box to your collection. Firstly, the box is specifically designed to hold sewing machine threads, which gives you a much better place to store your threads when not being used. Secondly, the box stores each of the 28 threads in its own section, which makes it a lot easier to find the appropriate thread quicker!

The Birch Bobbin Box can be stored in larger sewing storage solutions, such as your sewing box. However, the box also comes with a useful hanger on top, so you can hang this bobbin box in the craft room for easy access too.

Please note that there are two versions of the Birch Bobbin Box available at Spotlight. One version includes 28 threads that can be used on the sewing machine, while the other does not include the threads. So, depending on your needs, be sure to select the correct one from our catalogue.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Sewing Storage Solution?

One of our personal favourites from the Spotlight catalogue is the Semco Wooden Thread Rack. The Semco Wooden Thread Rack is perfect to store sewing thread, whether they are designed for the sewing machine or hand-sewing.

The Semco Wooden Thread Rack has a stunning design, so crafters will have no problems displaying this rack in their crafting room or living room. The storage solution is made from the finest wood and can hold an astronomical 60 spools of thread. Therefore, this Semco Wooden Thread Rack should be a consideration for any serious sewing fanatic.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Sewing Storage Solution?

Our last recommendation from the Spotlight catalogue is the Semco Desktop Storage Centre. Semco creates some of the finest sewing storage solutions that can be put on display - this is certainly no different for this solution from our catalogue.

With the Semco Desktop Storage Centre, crafters have the perfect storage solution for all their trims - this could be anything from elastics to fabric ribbons and braids. There is also a special section for patterns, so quick access with this storage solution from Spotlight is guaranteed.

What Other Sewing Storage Solutions Are Available at Spotlight?

There are many other sewing storage options available at Spotlight, since we only discussed our favourites. In addition to the storage solutions already mentioned, you can count on us for more options to store needles, thread, fabric, and countless other sewing supplies.

Want to discover all the sewing storage options available in our collection? Head over to our sewing storage page to discover countless other items. Need some additional advice? Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information!



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