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Can I buy Pencil Pleat Curtains at Spotlight?

Pencil pleat is the traditional standard heading for curtains and valances. A 7.5 cm (3") tape is used with three hook positions to suit all types of track and pole. Sometimes also known as tape top curtains, pencil pleat curtains need to match the size of your window by pulling the three strings in the tape at the back of the curtains. For a full, luxurious look, most manufacturers recommend that you buy curtains at least twice the width of your window, but if you think this is too much, pulling the strings a little less tightly will allow you to use curtains about 1.5 times the width of your window.

Why are here three hook positions in the header tape?

This is done to give you more choice over the length of your curtain, and how it attaches to the curtain hook or pole. Some people prefer the curtain to cover the track, in which case you would put the hooks into the lower row on the curtain header tape. For some curtains that are hung onto curtain rings on a pole, you might prefer to use the top row of hooks. Much of this is down to personal preference.

What type of curtain hooks will I need for pencil pleat curtains?

These curtains are usually put up using small plastic or metal gather hooks. You will need as many hooks as you have curtain rings, evenly spaced along the curtain for an even, tidy look. Some curtain tracks may come with too many sliding hooks, in which case you can leave the unused hooks between the last two curtain hooks towards the end of your track. Heavy, long curtains will require more curtain hooks to ensure that the curtains open and close easily, and are best put up using metal gather hooks rather than plastic ones.

What types of pencil pleat curtains can I buy at Spotlight?

You will find a range of pencil pleat curtains at Spotlight, including plain, patterned, striped and floral, as well as several styles of curtains for childrens bedrooms. Check individual listings for the available colours, widths, and drops that are available. You will notice that some pencil pleat curtains in the range are marked as blockout or blackout curtains, which means they are treated to give them light filtering properties. These curtains can also help you to be more energy efficient. Drawing the curtains on hot days and cold nights will keep your rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Are pencil pleat curtains the only style available at Spotlight?

No, you can choose from many different styles of curtain at Spotlight, this includes eyelet curtains, tab top curtains, pinch pleat curtains, rod pocket curtains, and pencil pleat curtains. It means you can find the perfect look and fixing method for your style and situation. In addition to curtains, find curtain tracks, poles, accessories and more at Spotlight for all your window dressing needs.



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