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Can I purchase fasteners at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Fasteners come in all types and sizes here at Spotlight, so make sure you check out our large range of items, which includes Velcro fastenings, clips, grips, hooks, snap fasteners, buckles, cords & toggles, fancy decorative closures and much more. Some are ideal for when you are sewing garments or bags, while others are used to repair or replace broken fastenings on clothing and other objects.

What type of Velcro® - Brand is included in the range?

Velcro® - Brand is available here at Spotlight in different colours and widths by the metre. Velcro is a system that uses two different finishes, a hook side and a loop side, which, when placed together, form a strong bond that is still easily pulled apart when needed. This makes Velcro ideal for many items including clothes, shoes, bags, even curtains or other decorative items that you want to display.

Velcro is available as sew on, stick on and iron-on, and you can even mix and match the various systems if that is more practical, for instance when attaching a soft item like a curtain with a sew-on Velcro band to a fixed valance board which you can stick Velcro tape to. Velcro is also ideal on clothing and shoes for kids if they struggle with buttons or shoelaces. It is available by the metre, as well as in stick-on dots in various sizes.

What other types of fasteners are included?

Some of our most popular fastenings include hook and eye fastenings and hook and bar fastenings. Used for trousers, skirts, coats and other garments, these fastenings are solid and dependable and can quickly be sewn into garments, so it is always wise to have some in your sewing kit. They are hidden under the fabric but you can still choose from various finishes and sizes.

If, however, you are looking for decorative fasteners that can be displayed on the outside of garments, you will also find a range of those here at Spotlight. One example is our Birch Metallic Loop Frog Closure which will complement capes, costumes and tailored jackets alike. Other variations of decorative closures are also available, so make sure you check the whole range.

What else should I know about this range?

The range also includes many useful items for lingerie, such as elastic, replacement bra straps and even bra cups and push-up bra pads.
Other useful items include replacement buckles, ideal if you need to repair rucksacks, sport or school bags or other leisure items.

Of course, this is just a small selection of items in our huge haberdashery range, if you need other items to complement or accessorise your sewing projects you can find these at Spotlight too, and we have a wide range of beautiful fabrics to choose from as well.



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