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Your kids will be begging for bedtime with playful kids sheet sets in a collection of fun characters and designs.

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Half the battle of a good night's rest (for the whole family) is getting the kids to bed at night. So it pays to purchase bed linen that will entice them and stimulate restful sleep.

The best way to do that is to make their bed an extension of what interests them most. Do they like superheroes, outer space or dinosaurs? Or are they more into fluffy animals, rainbows and the Disney characters? Whatever they love, bring it into their bed sheets - and the kids will come too!

What to expect from a kids sheet set

A sheet set is a pack of matching bed sheets and pillowcases bundled together for simplicity and value. The usual options for kids' bedding are single and king single sheet sets.

As well as providing you with an endless array of decorating options and inspirations, bed sheets help protect the mattress and ensure it lasts longer. Good quality and colourfully designed kids sheet sets also go a long way in helping create a comfortable and welcoming environment for sleep.

When you buy a kids sheet set, it will include a fitted sheet to cover the mattress of your bed, a top flat sheet and a pillowcase. Flat or fitted base sheets are purely about choice - some people prefer the ease of placing a fitted sheet on their bed, while others like to tuck sheets in tightly for a smoother laying sheet over their mattress.

Choosing the best bed sheet set for your kids

Kids sheet sets are available in a range of materials and design inspirations including cotton, bamboo, flannel, satin and polyester. Cotton and cotton blends are the most popular for the young ones because of their ease of cleaning and durability. Additionally, for kids with allergies, sheets made from natural fibres are better at reducing the chance of a reaction.

Looking at the thread count can help you determine the quality of the sheet set. The thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square 10cm. When it comes to bed sheets, higher isn't necessarily better. The fibres, the yarn size, the finishing and the construction all determine the actual quality of your sheet set. For instance, a lower thread count made with higher quality materials will last longer than a high thread count made with low-grade fabrics.

Kids sheet sets with a high thread count can trap heat rather than allowing the air to flow more freely, which is ideal in winter. Lower thread count kids sheet allow air to move through their sheets easily in warmer conditions.

Extra-deep fitted sheet sets are available for padded mattresses, and you can also buy large flat sheets if you want to make sure they fit more securely on the bed. Most sheet set packaging - whether for adults or kids - specifies the dimensions, so check before you buy.

Find the right bed sheet sets at Spotlight

Ready to purchase? You can shop through our extensive range of kids sheet sets on our website and buy online. Our buying guide also offers heaps of practical tips and information on factors such as thread counts, how to care and maintain your bed linen and how to fold a fitted sheet.

Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to check out the different cleaning accessories available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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