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Style Your Home With Beautiful Cushions The Match Your Home Decor

Decorative-filled cushions, seat cushions and outdoor cushions not only look great but add a layer of comfort and warmth to your home. At Spotlight we have all your textile decor needs covered, with soft furnishings that range from contemporary velvet cushions to beautiful floral cushion designs. Whether you're looking for something to cuddle beneath on a quiet night in or want to elevate your home decor with a pop of colour, home decor cushions are an easy and budget-friendly way to give any room an instant makeover.


What Can I Discover In Spotlight's Range Of Home Decor Cushions?

Spotlight's selection of home decor cushions covers all things soft furnishings, and includes outdoor cushions and covers so you can decorate your home inside and out! You can find:

  • Filled Decorative Cushions: An all-in-one cover and insert filled cushions are an instant way to add comfort, colour, style and texture to your home quickly.
  • Chair Pads: Soft, colourful chair pads are the perfect finishing touch to any dining setting and are great for adding comfort to older design chairs.
  • Cushion Covers & Cushion Inserts: Discover stylish covers to refresh your old cushions, or DIY your own cushion with inserts available in a range of different sizes.
  • Outdoor Cushions: Make your outdoor area comfortable and cosy with weather-resistant cushions.


Home Decor Cushions FAQs

How to match cushions to a sofa?

If you're wondering how many cushions you should have on a couch or how to style cushions on a sofa, Spotlight's home decor cushions buying guide has all your questions answered! You can discover great suggestions for choosing the right colour cushion, playing with texture and size, and factoring in comfort… and just remember, have fun, experiment, and don't be afraid to make your own style statement!


How to wash cushions?

To ensure your cushions stay in tip-top condition, it's best to launder your cushion covers and inserts separately. Always check the care labels and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Some covers can be machine washed, but make sure you remember to close the zip to avoid damage from tangling. Bulky cushion inserts are generally best hand-washed in a tub with a quick soak in mild detergent, followed by some gentle wringing.


What size cushion insert do I need for my cover?

As a general rule of thumb, use a cushion insert that is at least 1 cm larger than your cushion cover, and anywhere up to 5 cm bigger. This ensures your filled cushion is plump, voluminous and inviting to use. One of the most common cushion cover sizes is 45 cm x 45 cm, for which you would typically use a 46 cm x 46 cm sized insert.


Which decorative cushions are best for traditional interiors?

Most people think traditional cushions are plain and boring, but this is far from the truth. Traditional cushions can come in a variety of designs, but there are some things to consider for decorative cushions in a traditional interior. Below, you will find the main factors to consider when you buy traditional cushions for the home.

  • Colour: The colour of a traditional cushion cannot be too bold, since this would draw the wrong type of attention in a traditional interior. Suitable colours for traditional interiors include warm white, beige, darker reds, browns, and similar colours.
  • Design: Traditional colours can be plain or have a pattern. If you are looking for a patterned cushion for a traditional interior, be sure to consider some of the most popular choices - this includes floral patterns, African prints, and Persian prints.
  • Shape: Even though the shape is not the most important thing for your traditional cushions, it is recommended to choose the basic rectangular cushion for traditional interiors. It is also recommended to choose cushions with the same design and shape for one room, since different cushions could make the room appear cluttered and out-of-date.


Which decorative cushions are best for contemporary interiors?

Since contemporary is a mix of traditional and modern, customers will find many contemporary cushions they could use in their homes. Of course, there are still some things to consider where colour, design, and shape are concerned.

  • Colour: There is no limit to the colours you could use for a contemporary interior. However, bolder colours are usually the better choice for contemporary interiors. Therefore, you could easily choose colours such as bright orange, green, yellow, and even pink to make your contemporary interior a little more enticing.
  • Design: When you check out our range of contemporary cushions, you will notice that there are many unique patterns to choose from - this does not only include brightly coloured illustrations on cushions, but also contemporary patterns such as triangles and squares. So, depending on your preferences, you can choose a bold design to match your interior.
  • Shape: Like colour and design, there is no real limitation to the shape of decorative cushions for contemporary interiors. You could choose the basic rectangular shape for your decorative cushions, but also other shapes such as oval, circular, and more unusual shapes.


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