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Cook the perfect casserole dish easily at home with our range of quality casserole pots at Spotlight. Shop casserole pots at great prices online now.

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Create Delicious Hearty Casseroles With A Casserole Pot From Spotlight

Cook hearty, filling and nutritious casseroles with a quality casserole dish from Spotlight. The whole family will love a warm casserole cooked to perfection in the right pot. Casseroles are super versatile and can be served straight from their dish on your dining table, making them a great centrepiece for your next family feast! Casserole pots as a must have for delicious winter meals and are a more sturdy and oven proof version of a regular saucepan or stock pot.

The Matter Of Materials For Your Casserole Pot

Casserole dishes need to be able to be safely used both in the oven and on the stove, so durable materials that can withstand heat are a must. Most casserole dishes are made from glass (which allows you to see the layers of your casserole from the outside), ceramic (available in any bright and beautiful colours) or cast iron with an enamel coating (retains heat for even browning). Stainless steel and aluminium varieties can also be found.

All of these options are dishwasher safe, which makes clean up afterwards easy.

Casserole Pots FAQ

What is a casserole pot?

A casserole pot is a wide baking dish with a matching lid used for cooking casseroles in the oven. Casserole dishes are made from durable materials that can withstand high heat, like cast iron, glass and ceramic, and are deep enough to make family-sized meals in one go.

What to cook in a casserole pot

The obvious answer is a casserole, although you can make other delicious meals and foods in a casserole dish as well. Layered dishes like lasagna or pasta bake work well in a casserole pot (a glass dish lets you see all the lovely layers), while desserts like self-saucing pudding can also be made in a casserole pan.

What is the difference between a stew pot and a casserole pot?

A stew pot is a deep, round pot with handles and a lid, much like a casserole dish. They are used for cooking soups, stocks and stews, but most importantly, they are used on a stove, as opposed to in the oven like a casserole pot. Casserole dishes are used in the oven and are a little shallower than a stew opt.

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Find The Right Casserole Pots At Spotlight

Ready to create delicious and hearty emails for the family? Start with a quality casserole pot from the cookware collection at Spotlight! You can browse the range online, pay your way and have your casserole dish home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your casserole pot in person. Make sure to check our buying guides on cookware and kitchen utensils before making any purchases to ensure you're making the right choice for your kitchen. And for great event ideas you can whip out the casserole pan for, read our blogs on outdoor entertaining inspiration, tablescaping ideas and Christmas in July.



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