Start your day with warm, fresh toast, bagels or crumpets done exactly as you like it with Spotlight's toasters & mini ovens. Shop online or in-store.

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Can I purchase toasters at Spotlight?

Yes, we have a range of toasters on offer, including two-slice models for singles or small families, and larger models for larger families. Like kettles, toasters are hard-working appliances in most kitchens, and because they are often out on view on the work surface in the kitchen, looks are an important factor, alongside performance.

Toast is as individual as people, with some people preferring thick slices of bread and others thin, while some cannot start the day without anything less than a toasted bagel or crumpet. Then there is the colour. What one person considers well-done, is burnt toast to another.

What are the features to look for in a toaster?

Settings: Make sure your toaster can cope with different degrees of browning from lightly toasted to well done. Countdown settings can be great if you want to get your toast ready at the same time as your boiled egg!
Thickness: If you prefer thick slices of bread, crumpets, bagels or similar, make sure that the slots of your toaster are wide enough to handle these items without them getting stuck to the elements.
Ease of cleaning: Check that your chosen toaster has an efficient and removable crumb tray for ease of use.
Extra features: Some cookers will have extra features such as a defrost option for frozen bread, warming options, reheat options and even special baskets to take toasted sandwiches. A cancel button is ideal for when the phone rings just when you have popped your bread in the toaster!
Colour/style: Like kettles, toasters are usually on view in the kitchen, so you might want to have a toaster in a matching colour to your kettle or prefer to opt for crisp white or stylish stainless-steel.
Budget: Toasters are available in a wide price range, and you do not necessarily have to pay more for good performance - sometimes the extra price is more to do with the style and looks of the toaster.

What types of toasters are available at Spotlight?

We offer a range of toasters from a simple budget option to a beautifully styled retro-looking toaster in soft pastel colours, so you can find exactly the right toaster for your kitchen. Choose from 2-slot and 4-slot toasters depending on how many people you need to make toast for at the same time. Individual product descriptions will highlight particular features of each model toaster.

What else do I need to know about toasters?

The main reason for toasters breaking down is that people insert knives or other sharp utensils into the toaster to remove bread that has become stuck for one reason or another. We advise NEVER to insert any objects into the toaster. If you must remove bread from the toaster, always make sure that the toaster has been unplugged before inserting your fingers and gently pulling the bread free. Never immerse the toaster in water for cleaning, as this will ruin the element and could cause a shock. Also remember never to cover the toaster when it is in use, as this can cause a fire.



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