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Make Your Own Custom Curtains With Curtain Fabric From Spotlight

A well-dressed window makes all the difference to your home. Stylish curtains are the perfect way to finish off your home decor and add great benefits to your space like room darkening properties, privacy and insulation. Making your own curtains is a wonderful way to transform your space - you can pick the exact style, length and fabric design that matches your style. Ready-made curtains are a great option for many homes, but if you have especially wide windows, tall windows or simply want to add your own personal accent to your decor then it's well worth considering the DIY approach. Curtain fabrics are also a great option for making window coverings like caravan curtains, car curtains or even curtains for kids' cubby houses. Whatever your project is, you're sure to find the ideal curtain fabric at Spotlight!

Discover A Huge Range Of Curtain Fabrics To Suit Every Style & Function

Spotlight's curtain fabrics come in a huge variety of colours, textures, patterns and prints to suit any interior design theme. Explore the range by fabric type and the unique benefits they can add to your home:

  • Sheer Curtain Fabrics: Make your own lace curtains and privacy sheer curtains from our sheer curtain fabric range. Discover classic lace patterns or contemporary voiles, as well as continuous sheer curtain fabric that comes in different sizes to suit any window height.
  • Cut, Hem & Hang Fabrics: Finished with multi-header curtain tapes, eyelets or pencil pleat headings, these curtain materials come in long drop sizes. All you need to do is as the name suggests - measure and cut, hem the bottom and sides, and hang!
  • Uncoated Curtain Fabrics: Explore a huge range of cotton curtain fabric, linen curtain fabric, jacquard weaves and prints. Uncoated curtain fabrics are great for decorative side drapes, or add blockout or thermal linings for additional benefits.
  • Blockout Curtain Fabrics & Thermal Curtain Fabrics: Add insulation to your rooms with curtains made from coated blockout and thermal fabrics.
  • Room Darkening Curtain Fabrics: Made with a unique "triple weave" construction, room darkening curtain fabrics significantly reduce the amount of light that passes into a room. They lack the acrylic coating on the reverse that blockout and thermal fabrics have, so offer a wonderful soft drapery effect when sewn into curtains.

Curtain Fabrics FAQs

How much curtain fabric do I need?

If you're using cut, hem & hang curtain fabrics or multi-drop sheer curtain fabrics, select a fabric in the drop size that matches closest to your windows. Then, multiply the width of your window by how much fullness or gathering you desire. For example, if your window is 2 metres across and would like double fullness, you will need 4 metres of curtain fabric.

If you're using curtain fabric in narrower widths, you'll need to sew together "drops" of fabric to cover the width of your window. Our curtain fabric calculation project offers a step-by-step approach to working out how much fabric you need to make your curtains.

What do I need to make my own curtains?

If you're wondering how to make curtains or just need some inspiration, check out some of our FREE online curtain projects - including a how to make eyelet curtains project and a how to make pencil pleat curtains project. The basic materials you will need are:

  • Fabric of your choosing - this could include curtain lining if you want to make blackout curtains or thermal insulated curtains.
  • Dressmaking scissors
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Tailor's chalk for marking your fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Curtain heading tape for pencil pleat, pinch pleat and eyelet styles
  • An iron for pressing seams and creating neat finish

How to choose curtain fabric

When it comes to finding the best curtain fabric, you'll first of all want to consider if you need insulating or blockout benefits from your curtains. Then it's a matter of finding the style that you like. Opt for bright colours and patterns for kids' bedrooms - or even your living space if you'd like to create a dramatic style statement! Plain textures and neutral tones are great for modern or minimalist homes, or when you don't want curtains to be the focal point of a room. It's a great idea to consider the colours of your furniture and walls, and then decide if you'd like to match your curtains or create a contrast. Remember, it's your home so go with what feels right!

What Are Some Tips & Tricks For DIY Curtain Making?

  • Before you begin, organise your workspace and ensure that you have a large flat space to work. Have all your pins, threads, scissors and curtain tapes easily to hand.
  • Wash, dry and iron your curtain material before cutting and sewing. This will ensure that there is no unwanted shrinkage in your finished curtains, and will make it easier to measure and cut the fabric.
  • Measure your material to the size you require and cut accurately to ensure neat, even and straight seams. Remember - measure twice, cut once!
  • Have an iron on hand to iron the seams, smooth the fabric as you go and create perfectly pattern-matched prints.
  • Hang your curtains before doing the final hem so you can double-check that you're folding and sewing the correct amount.

Shop Curtain Fabrics & Curtain Making Materials At Spotlight

Making your own DIY curtains can be one of the most satisfying ways to transform your decor and truly turn your house into a home. At Spotlight you can find everything you need to complete your custom curtain creation from heading tapes, scissors, pins, sewing machines - and of course, curtain fabrics! We also have curtain rods, curtain tracks and all the essential curtain hooks to take you through to installation. Shop the complete range in-store and grab the assistance of our friendly team members. You can also make your purchases online and choose to have all your curtain-making essentials home delivered. Spotlight VIP members also enjoy exclusive benefits like discounts and sales notifications, so if you're not a VIP make sure you sign up today!



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