Long Arm Machine Service Now Available



Long Arm Machine Service Now Available


Only at Spotlight Bayswater, Everton Park, Glenorchy & Maroochydore.

Spotlight Bayswater, Everton Park, Glenorchy and Maroochydore now offer edge to edge quilt finishing on industrial long arm machines. The service provides perfect computerised quilting on any sized quilt with the ability to resize, rotate and repeat designs to suit your unique quilt.

Completed within 10 working days!

Talk to us about having your quilt finished today. Call Spotlight Bayswater, Everton Park, Glenorchy or Maroochydore to make an appointment. All consultation appointments are between 2pm - 4pm.

Spotlight Bayswater: (03) 9729 8077

Spotlight Everton Park: (07) 3855 9944

Spotlight Glenorchy: (03) 6108 9300

Spotlight Maroochydore: (07) 5343 8700


10 Tips for Preparing Your Quilt

  1. Press all your seams flat to avoid lumps or puckers.
  2. Top and backing should have straight top and sides and be squared up.
  3. Please ensure your top is squared up and that your backing has also been squared (an easy way to square up your backing is to snip and tear your backing fabric as this ensures the fabric is on the straight grain).
  4. Backing and wadding needs to be 4 inches wider than the top of the quilt on all four sides.
  5. If joining backing fabric, we prefer the seams to run horizontally (across the quilt).
  6. If your backing is not large enough and you need to add extra fabric, we suggest that adding a piece through the middle will yield a better result as we cannot guarantee that borders on the outside will be perfectly centred.
  7. Seams - please make sure your outside seams are secure as these can come undone when the quilt is being racked up.
  8. Loose threads - ensure all loose threads have been clipped from the front and back. Dark threads can show through the fabric if it is a light fabric, once machine quilted there is no way to remove any unwanted threads inside the quilt.
  9. Basting or pinning - You do not need to baste or pin the quilt as we require the 3 layers to be separate before putting it on the machine.
  10. Please do not bring in a quilt that has 3D motifs or buttons etc. as the machine cannot go around these.


    Please Note: This is an edge to edge service, our service does not include going around motifs, or icons and does not include any ditch stitching.


Long Arm Machine Service

Edge to Edge Price List


Size Dimensions Price
Cot 100 x 150 cm $90
Single 150 x 210 cm $190
Double 180 x 210 cm $225
Queen 210 x 210 cm $265
King 210 x 240 cm $300



Please Note: Quilts that do not fall within these standard sizes will be quoted on appointment.



Basting service


Basting service is available at a minimum cost of $75. Large tacking stitches are run across the quilt in parallel lines 3inches apart for stabilizing. Machine basting ensures the quilt is properly stabilized, it is ideal for those who wish to hand quilt or machine quilt themselves.



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