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Shop Quality Saucepans From Great Brands At Spotlight

Whether you need to replace your old saucepan or need a new large or small saucepan for a meal you have in mind, find a great variety of saucepans at Spotlight. We have saucepans in several sizes to choose from, so keep in mind not only what you will be cooking but also how much storage space you have at home. You can also find amazing value saucepan sets so you're fully set for your cooking adventure!

Saucepan FAQ's

What is a saucepan?

A common staple in both home and professional kitchens, sauce pans are the perfect vessel whenever you have to cook anything involving liquid on the stove. Simmering soups, thickening gravy or reducing broth is all easy to do in a saucepan. Plus simple cooking tasks like making rice or small amounts of pasta are also easy in a saucepan! A saucepan is a medium-sized pan with high sides, a flat bottom, a long stick handle and often a matching lid. You can find smaller saucepans, called milk pans, and large saucepans for cooking greater amounts of food.

What saucepan material is best for me?

Spotlight sells a great variety of single saucepans and handy saucepan sets for you to use in your kitchen or even when you're away camping! Sauce pans you can find at spotlight include:

  • Stainless steel - polished and professional-looking, stainless steel is a solid and dependable material for any cookware. It is durable with some weight to it, and once your stainless steel sauce pan heats up, it will stay hot and retain its heat very well.
  • Aluminium - saucepans made from aluminium heat up very fast and are nice and light, making them easy to move around and cook quick meals. They are also easy to clean up, with very little scrubbing required, if any at all.

Should I invest in a saucepan set?

If you are setting up your own kitchen for the first time, investing in a quality saucepan set ensures you'll have a useful range of saucepan sizes to use in your cooking. You can also choose to elevate your current mish-mash of saucepans by upgrading them with a coordinated set from Spotlight.

What Other Cookware and Kitchen Essentials Can I Find At Spotlight?

While a quality saucepan will serve you well, it's not the only piece of kitchenware you should have. Here are a few highlights you can find right here at Spotlight:

  • Stockpot - create delicious soup bases, stocks and broths with any of our durable stock pots. Whether you are cooking for two or twenty, a stock pot makes it easy!
  • Serving Tongs - whether you are turning sausages on a bbq or tossing a garden salad, tongs are a kitchen essential for any household. Choose from stainless steel or rubber-tipped tongs to suit your needs.
  • Serving Spoons - make dishing out food to friends and family quick and mess-free with a serving spoon. Pair with other serving ware and wow your guests every time!

Of course, this is only a snapshot of the kitchenware we offer - check out our kitchen and dining section online to discover more! Our range of cookware includes woks, casseroles, cookware sets, saute pans, fry pans and more! We also have a huge range of kitchen utensils and gadgets in store to help you elevate your cooking experience.

Find The Right Saucepan At Spotlight

Ready to shop? browse our range of saucepans online, make your payment and have your order home delivered - it's that easy! You can also visit your nearest spotlight store to view the range in person. For more information on what to buy, read our kitchen utensils and tools buying guide and our Cookware Buying Guide to find the perfect essentials for your kitchen!



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