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Top macrame crafts & projects to get you started

Often hidden but never forgotten, the trend of macrame comes in ebbs and flows but the satisfaction you'll feel once you see your macrame creation come together is guaranteed.

Macrame is a fibre art, which means you use raw materials like cotton twine, yarn, hemp or jute to produce something decorative and/or functional from of a series of knots. The most common knots in macrame are what's known as the reverse lark's head and the halfknot, and once you've practiced these to perfection, you're ready to get into it.

For a reverse lark's head, you need to start by dividing your cord in two halves and placing them upon one another to ensure they're completely even. Once this is done, place the loop of the cord underneath the anchor. Then, take the ends of the cord and pull them through the loop. Pull the ends nice and tight to get your first reverse lark's head knot.

For the half knot, start with a reverse lark's head and then take the right cord and fold it loosely over the left. Take the end of the left cord and pull it through the created loop. Tighten to get your half knot.

While we encourage experimentation in macrame, there are definitely tried-and-tested items that lend themselves to the macrame technique. We suggest you start with something fairly straightforward, like a macrame hanging pot, then advance to more challenging projects such as a macrame mandala, and then something as extravagant as a macrame lampshade.

Other arts & crafts supplies

Craft books

Begin your macrame adventure on the right foot by checking out a book about macrame and the creative art of knotting. But don't stop there - we have many books to fuel your craft aspirations.

Art & craft storage

There's a lot of thread involved in macrame, so make sure you don't end up in a mess by investing in the right art & craft storage solutions. By doing so, your macrame kit will always be in order.

Arts & crafts supplies

Whether its art and painting supplies or basic craft supplies and other craft endeavours, diving into any craft will have a positive effect on your macrame. By building confidence in crafts, you'll have the enthusiasm to venture into more complex macrame projects in time.

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