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Often hidden but never forgotten, the trend of macrame comes in ebbs and flows but the satisfaction you'll feel once you see your macrame creation come together is guaranteed.

Macrame is a fibre art, which means you use raw materials like cotton twine, yarn, hemp or jute to produce something decorative and/or functional from a series of knots. At Spotlight, you can find macrame supplies such as:

  • Macrame cord: Essential for your project, the cord will form the body of your work.
  • Macrame rings: Rings give your project structure and shape, and are great for making wall hangings, wreaths and other macrame crafts.
  • Macrame beads: Give your macrame project some depth and interest with fantastic wooden beads.

Macrame FAQs

What are some common macrame knots?

The most common knots in macrame are what's known as the reverse lark's head and the half knot, and once you've practised these to perfection, you're ready to get into it.

For a reverse lark's head, you need to start by dividing your cord into two halves and placing them upon one another to ensure they're completely even. Once this is done, place the loop of the cord underneath the anchor. Then, take the ends of the cord and pull them through the loop. Pull the ends nice and tight to get your first reverse lark's head knot.

For the half knot, start with a reverse lark's head and then take the right cord and fold it loosely over the left. Take the end of the left cord and pull it through the created loop. Tighten to get your half knot.

What are some macrame project ideas?

While we encourage experimentation in macrame, there are definitely tried-and-tested items that lend themselves to the macrame technique. We suggest you start with something fairly straightforward, then progressing to more advanced. Check out our FREE macrame project sheets below:

Is macrame expensive to make?

Macrame is an affordable hobby with cords available in bulk sizes. Macrame beads and rings are also inexpensive and you can get creative with materials you may already have at home.

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