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Display pictures, posters, and paintings with the beautiful and elegant single photo frames at Spotlight. Discover our collection of frames today.

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Where can I buy photo frames online?

Here at Spotlight we offer a huge selection of photo frames so you can display all your favourite pictures all throughout your home in style. Check out our quality photo frames from brands like Frame Depot, Unigift, Bouclair, Deco and Ombre Blu.

What types of photo frames does Spotlight offer?

When you browse our collection of photo frames, you'll find a variety of different styles and sizes. Our smallest photo frames can take photos as small as 10 x 10 cm, and can be easily be placed on your desk or on your wall. The largest photo frame you'll find in our catalogue takes pictures up to 50 x 70 cm which is as large as a poster, and can make your special photos look like fine art. We also have lots of different sizes in between.

When buying a photo frame, keep in mind that the frame will be a bit larger than the photo. Some frames are much larger than others even if they are designed to hold similar sized photographs, so it's important to check the dimensions of the photo frame you're buying especially if you have limited space to work with.

When it comes to frame styles, you'll also have lots to choose from within our collection. We have simple wooden frames that have clean lines and finishes if you're looking for a more minimalist style that's very versatile. We also have more elaborate frame styles that feature distressed wood finishes, baroque style moulded plastic and metal wireframes that you can easily match with your own personal tastes and your existing home decor whether you're going for a vintage or a modern look.

The most common frame you'll find in our online catalogue is the traditional matted frame. This type of frame has a simple design where the photo is place beneath the mat opening, which is all covered by glass. We also have shadowbox frames which have a much thicker frame than regular photo frames. This thicker frame allows the glass cover to be raised over the mat significantly which adds more depth to the picture's presentation.

What other photo frames can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from single photo frames that take only one photo per frame, Spotlight also sells collage photo frames which allow you to display multiple photos in one frame. Our collage photo frames either have mats with multiple openings so you can mount multiple photos in one frame, or is made of several individual frames that are attached to each other.

Compared to regular photo frames that come in a huge range of sizes, collage photo frames typically only fit smaller photographs. Collage photo frames can have as few as two photos in one frame, up to more than a dozen different photos. Collage photo frames allow you to tell stories with the many photos and memories you've collected over the years. With a collage you don't need to make huge photo enlargements to make a statement, the pictures can speak for themselves. It's also common to mix in inspirational words and graphic prints along with your special photographs in a photo collage to reinforce the theme or message that you'd like to convey.

Do photo frames make good gifts?

Photo frames make excellent gifts for many special occasions like anniversaries and housewarming parties. They are great gifts on their own, but can be made even more special and personal when memorable photographs are mounted inside the frame before wrapping it up and giving it away.



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