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The kitchen must-haves

A well-equipped kitchen is not just something to aspire to - it's essential for creating delicious meals, and doing so with minimal hassle and fuss. While necessity may be the mother of invention, having the right kitchen utensils and gadgets for the job makes cooking fun and reduces the amount of elbow grease you'll need to get your finished dishes looking like their recipe book photos.

Far from going overboard with utensils and gadgets, there are some must-have items that should be lurking in your drawers and cupboards when it's time to get in the kitchen and cook up some culinary joy.

Spatulas, whisks and sifters

Spatulas, whisks and sifters ensure the ingredients for cakes and savoury dishes mix together properly and adequately release the flavours in your dish evenly. Correct mixing of ingredients also ensures the intended chemical reactions occur as they should - like your cake or soufflé rising during baking.

Baking mats and cutting boards

When using dedicated baking mats and cutting boards for specific food types (i.e. vegetables, red meats, fish and so on), you reduce the chance of food cross-contamination and keep your kitchen clean and manageable. Wooden boards also look great for presenting cheeses.

Peelers, knives and graters

Peelers, knives and graters help when cutting up and preparing different ingredients for cooking. Use peelers to strip the rind from lemons and oranges (garnish in cocktails!) or peeling the skin from root vegetables. Use knives for any number of cutting and chopping reasons. Use graters to prepare fruit rinds for cakes and slices or cheeses for dishes like lasagnas and other pasta-based favourites.

Cooking thermometers

A reliable cooking thermometer helps you determine the internal temperature of foods, which means taking the guesswork out of knowing when your cake is ready or your meat is cooked to perfection (whether rare, medium or well done). A kitchen thermometer is also ideal for making sure chicken and pork dishes are not undercooked before serving to family and friends.

But there's more…

Pots and pans

As well as other reliable kitchen gadgets and utensils, get the most from your cooking with a selection of quality cookware, pots and pans.

Mixing bowls

They may be most useful when mixing ingredients but having a range of different-sized, easy to clean mixing bowls will serve many purposes as part of your daily meal preparation. One bowl of one size, or even one material, will just be frustrating!

Knives and scissors

Purpose-designed knives and scissors for meats, vegetables, slicing fresh bread and cutting cakes and slices take a lot of the heavy-lifting out of your food preparation, and helps maintain the hygiene in your kitchen by not using scissors or knives that may have been used elsewhere.

Kitchen scales and measuring cups

Get your all-important ingredient measures just right by using properly calibrated, durable and easy-to-use kitchen scales, measuring cups and spoons.

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