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Discover Beautiful Tumblers, Cup Sets And Drinkware For Every Occasion At Spotlight

No matter if you're a seasoned entertainer or someone who just wants to make the most of the moment, you'll need the right drinkware to fit the occasion. Whether stylish and elegant or rough and 'tumblers', Spotlight's extensive drinkware range has something to toast every occasion! We stock a range of drinkware from quality brands such as Wiltshire, Casa Domani, Culinary Co, Circleware, Mode Home and many more great brands you can trust.

Why do I need different kinds of drinkware?

Having the right glass sets or drinkware to complement your beverage should not be understated. After all, champagne does not taste like champagne unless it's served in a champagne flute!

A well-stocked kitchen or home bar should feature designated red and wine glasses, beer glasses, champagne flutes and spirit glasses. What is a tumbler glass then? Tall and unassuming, tumblers can double as both soft drink and cocktail glasses. Then, there are also ceramic items like tea and coffee cups and mugs, along with insulated travel mugs for both hot and cold drinks while you're travelling or alfresco dining on the patio to round out an impressive drinkware collection.

Drinkware FAQ

How to wash glass cups?

Glass cups can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher, as long as they are positioned so water doesn't pool in them when the cycle is finished. However, if there are a high amount of minerals in your local water, it will be safer to wash your glass cups by hand. This will prevent a cloudy build-up from forming on your glassware.

When hand washing, use as hot water as possible to get that clear, sparking finish.

How to clean travel coffee cups?

It is important to thoroughly clean the lids of your travel coffee cups, as the thin ridges and tight design of the leak-proof lids have many nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned.

This means a thorough hand washing whenever it is used, and a good soak if you leave it a little too long between washes!

Do I need a tea box?

Tea lovers can put their favourite blends on display in a stylish tea box! Whether you love herbal teas, green tea blends or fragrant berry blend teas, a tea box is the perfect way to have all your tea leaves and bags on hand when you need them.

On the other hand, if your tea of choice is black or white English breakfast, you will probably get by with just the box your tea bags come in.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Round out your drinkware collection with some other useful products to complete your at home drinking experience.

  • Barware - fill your home bar or just grab what you need to make your favourite cocktail from our extensive barware selection.
  • Coffee cups and plungers - make your own delicious coffee at home by using our coffee plungers and cups.
  • Large mugs - whether it's a full mug of coffee or a delicious hot chocolate, our large mugs make getting your fill of your favourite hot drink easy.

Find everything else you need for your food and drink in our dining collection online!

Find The Right Drinkware At Spotlight

Find beautiful drinkware for every occasion and home style from the range at Spotlight, you'll love the quality brands available. Once you've found the drinkware or cup sets you're after, pay your way and have them home delivered or head to your nearest Spotlight store to shop in person. And don't forget to read our handy buying guide on washing and storing glassware at home, as well as our blog on setting up the ultimate home bar.



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