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An ironing board provides the perfect base for removing wrinkles from your garments. They are typically constructed with a heat-resistant surface and are covered with a padded layer to withstand the heat and pressure from irons. Some modern ironing boards are designed with iron rests to streamline your garment care process. This rest enables you to rest the iron while readjusting your garment for ironing.

Pressing clothes to appear more presentable is a practice that dates back centuries. And with that, comes along the invention of the ironing board to provide a flat surface. The original patented design consisted of a basic wooden board acting as a convenient flat surface for ironing. Since then, we have seen many advancements in the world of ironing that have helped to make our everyday lives easier.

Ironing Board FAQs

How to use an ironing board?

Place the ironing board on a flat surface, unfold the legs until they lock, and adjust the height for comfortable use while ensuring it is stable. Plug in your iron and set the temperature for your fabric. Ensure you check the garment instructions before ironing. Smoothly place the garment on your ironing board, lying it flat. Iron in sections, moving the garment as needed. Rest the iron on the iron rest or stand it upright when adjusting the garment. Once finished ironing, unplug the iron and allow it to cool. Store away your ironing board when complete.

What types of ironing boards are there?

  • Freestanding: Freestanding ironing boards stand tall allowing you to easily iron in a room of your space. Usually, these ironing boards feature an adjustable height that allows you to tailor it to your preference. These are also designed to be foldable, allowing for easy storage.
  • Tabletop: These ironing boards are usually smaller in size and rest upon flat benches and tables. They provide a compact ironing board that makes them perfect for smaller living areas or for last-minute touch-ups to your garments. Tabletop ironing boards are a much more portable ironing board option due to their size.
  • Built-in: Typically built into cupboards and cabinets, built-in ironing boards enable you to maximise space in your home while providing easy storage for your space.
  • Wall mounted: Installed into a wall, wall-mounted cabinets usually fold down from the wall. These are also a great option for smaller homes where floor space is limited.

Where do I store an ironing board?

Most ironing boards are able to be easily stored in cabinets and cupboards to clear your space. Free-standing ironing boards are usually able to be folded down, making them easy to store when finished ironing. Other ironing boards like wall-mounted or built-in ironing boards are simply folded back into the wall or cupboard on which they're installed upon.

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