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Calico is an inexpensive, plain weave fabric, usually in white, cream or unbleached cotton, suitable for a large variety of application in and around the home as well as for craft projects or dressmaking. It is lighter than denim and canvas and has a very natural, unfinished appearance.

At Spotlight, we stock bleached and unbleached calicos, as well as variations such as seeded and coated calico fabrics. Our calico fabrics are available by the metre, but for large quantities why not consider buying a 10 or 20 metre bolt of calico in one piece, at a great price!

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Can I buy calico at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are looking for bleached or unbleached, we are sure to have the calico fabric that you need for your next project. Calico fabric is a popular choice for many different crafts and this rustic material is both versatile and durable. Shop online or in-store now for great deals across the store.

What is calico?

Calico is a plain woven cotton textile that has a long and cultured history, being used for creating clothes since the 11th century. It is a course and rough fabric that is often half-processed and undyed. It is sturdy and durable and can be used in a wide range of different craft projects.

What types of calico do you have available at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight we have a wide selection of different calico fabrics available, including different types of treatments and finishes. Check out our handy guide below to help you to choose the best calico fabric for your creation.

Bleached Calico/ Unbleached Calico: In their nature state, fibres that form fabrics are using a natural creamy colour, as you can see in our collection of unbleached calico fabrics available. Bleaching produces a lighter whiter effect and the fabric has undergone a process in which substances have been used to remove natural colourants.  The one you pick is up to you, with unbleached providing a natural more organic fabric whereas bleached can be absorbent and durable.

Heavy Weight: A heavyweight calico is naturally heavier, and would be the perfect fabric for creating your own curtains or throws.

Printed Calico: We also have a selection of printed calicos available, featuring elegant and simple designs that would look great in your home.

How can I use the calico from Spotlight in my craft projects?

There is so much that you can do with calico and it totally depends on what you have in mind. Whether it is quilting, upholstery, or furnishings, or perhaps fashion items, clothes and accessories, It is also the ideal fabric for making your own aprons to keep you clean in the kitchen and it is also frequently used by artists to create their own canvases.  The nature of calico means that is also super easy to decorate. Use fabric pens to doodle all over your project or sew embellishments on easily with this ultra-versatile fabric. If you were hoping to just skip to the decorating part, check out our selection of calico bears, great for creating your own unique little teddy.

How is calico sold at Spotlight?

Most of our collection of calico fabrics is sold by the metre, so that you can order the amount that you require. Although we would advise ordering a little bit extra just to be safe. However, although we will always endeavour to cut your order into one piece, this is now always possible. If you are looking for a large amount, and would prefer this to be in one singular piece, we would wholly recommend that you have a look at our selection of calico fabrics that are available in ten or twenty metre bolts.

How should I wash and care for my calico projects?

Well, that can differ with regard to any other materials that you have may have used in your creation. If you have just used calico, you can wash this as you would with cotton. Hang to dry outside and steam iron to remove any creases.

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