Sturdier than disposable tableware but still lightweight and (nearly) unbreakable, melamine tableware is a popular choice for outdoor tableware and is often used for picnics, outdoor events, camping and hiking. It can also be used in the kitchen when cooking or baking or to store items in the fridge. Some melamine dishes cannot be used in the microwave, so please check. Here at Spotlight, you can choose from a large range of white, colourful and clear melamine and acrylic tableware and drinkware in different sizes and styles, including plates, bowls, platters, salad servers, glasses, jugs and even a cake stand.

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Enjoy Quality Melamine Plates And Bowls From Spotlight

Melamine dinnerware and tableware is perfect for picnics, outdoor events, camping and hiking. Melamine plates and bowls are also great for kids as they are super durable and easy to use. Explore the melamine range at Spotlight to create a dinner set in any of your favourite colours today!

The Benefits Of Melamine Plates And Bowls

Melamine comes in heaps of beautiful colours, allowing you to find melamine plates, melamine bowls and other dinnerware in your preferred colour easily. Melamine tableware is durable, lightweight and temperature-resistant, making it ideal for travelling with and great for outdoor dining.

Melamine Dinnerware FAQs

What is Melamine?

The melamine dinnerware is made out of is melamine resin, an organic compound made into a plastic that is durable and widely used to create tableware. Melamine dinnerware is dishwasher safe, but not microwave safe - melamine dinnerware should only be used for serving, not for heating up food in.

What is Melamine made of?

Melamine plates, bowls and other dinnerware are all made out of melamine resin, which is a thermosetting plastic - this means it is created by permanently hardening a softer solid or liquid in an irreversible process. Melamine dinnerware won't dissolve and rarely shatters or cracks, although it can chip under pressure.

How to clean Melamine dinnerware

Because it is dishwasher safe, melamine crockery and dinnerware is safe to wash in your home or even an industrial dishwasher. Melamine dinnerware should not exceed 71?, but most dishwashers do not go over 60?, so this shouldn't be a problem. Its smooth surface means melamine dinnerware is also easy to handwash if needed.

What Else Can I Find In the Kitchen and Dining Range At Spotlight?

We have all sorts of handy dining ware at Spotlight, including:

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Find The Right Melamine Dinnerware At Spotlight

You can explore the full range of melamine crockery, bowls and plates online, where you can easily pay and then have your melamine dinnerware home delivered. Alternatively, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best melamine dinnerware for all your dining needs. Need some inspiration on how to use your new melamine tableware? Check out our blogs on everyday tablescaping and outdoor dining ideas for some great inspiration! And buy the right products for your lifestyle every time by consulting our buying guides, like the dinnerware buying guide and outdoor dining buying guide.



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