Melamine dinnerware and tableware are perfect for picnics, outdoor events, camping and hiking. Explore the melamine range at Spotlight.

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Can I buy Cake Plates, Stands and Storage from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for a great way to showcase your fabulous bakes, then you are sure to find the perfect stand amongst this selection. Whether you are a master baker, or just learning the skill, then you will need a great way to display your culinary creation, and these plates and stands could be the solution. With such a huge choice available, plus great value deals and guaranteed low prices across the range, shop Spotlight today for all your baking needs.

What is included in this range?

Your cake will be the star of the show when it is displayed on one of these fabulous cake plates or stands. Whether you are looking for a great method of display, or a cake storage solution, you are sure to find it amongst this huge selection. From cake caddies to revolving stands, disposable plates to high-end display choices, there are so many cake display and storage options to choose from at Spotlight. Check out the rest of our baking selection for just about everything you need to create and decorate your baked delights. This selection of stands also features a range of plate stands that would be perfect for displaying your favourite plate or platter. Display your favourite tea set on your dresser for a vintage look that will add a splash of charm to your home.

How can I use plate stands?

This range also features our selection of plate stands, an awesome way to display your favourite tableware or cherished china set. These safe and secure stands can be a great way to jazz up any room and commemorate those plates and platters that have sentimental meaning. Plate stands allow for an attractive and practical display option. This ideal way of hanging your favourite plates also has a vintage feel and would be the perfect decor for a kitchen that boasts retro or country cottage style. At Spotlight we have a huge range of high-quality, affordable plate stands in a variety of styles, colours and designs, and we even have those that are perfectly suited to hold a cup, saucer and plater. Show off your favourite wedding gift, heirloom tea set, or any other plates with one of our top-quality, affordable plate stands.

Do you have any tips for using my cake stand?

If you are a baker who loves to create show-stopping pieces, then a cake stand is essential to display your culinary creations. At Spotlight, we have lots of cake stands available, from disposable options that are perfect for a party to revolving ones which are both fabulous and functional. A revolving cake stand can be particularly useful as it allows easy access to the whole cake when you are frosting. You will be able to easily decorate cakes, pies and cupcakes with these convenient solutions. Slide your cake simply onto the stand before decorating, and you will be able to add all those important embellishments with ease.

How should I clean and wash these items?

We always recommend that you check the individual care instructions on your product before cleaning it. Cake stands are not usually dishwasher safe, and we recommend washing them in warm water with dish soap. Do not fully submerge the cake stand in water. Enquire that it is rinsed properly and dried thoroughly before storage, if you are looking for the way to keep your plate stands clean, these can be wiped with a soft cloth. Plates on plate stands should regularly be dusted to avoid build-up and avoid the use of any harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach.



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