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When it comes to sautéing or pan frying, our range of sauté pans and chef pans can cover all your cooking needs. Shop sauté pans and chef pans at Spotlight.

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Cook Like A Professional With The Right Saute Or Chef Pan From Spotlight

Creating delicious meals starts with using the right cookware, and a saute or chef pan can often be the tool for the job. These handy pans can brown, sear, fry, broil and reduce your food when used properly, and are loved by both home cooks and professional chefs for their versatility and durability. Add a quality chef or saute pan to your cookware collection today with Spotlight!

Find a variety of chef and saute pans to suit your needs

Saute and chef pans come in a range of durable materials for you to choose from. Hard anodised stainless steel is the perfect non-stick material, while pure stainless steel boasts exceptional durability and a gleaming shine. Aluminium is light and easy to manoeuvre around, perfect for when you struggle to move larger pans. When purchasing, you will always get a chef or saute pan with a lid, as a matching lid allows extra cooking functions like steaming.

Saute and chef pans FAQ

Fry pan vs saute pan

The main differences between a fry pan and a saute pan relate to the depth of the pan and the inclusion of a lid. Frying pans tend to be shallow, allowing you to use less oil to fry your food, while saute pans have high, straight walls that can hold more food. Saute pans also always come with a lid, whereas fry pans will not - frying with a lid on will trap moisture and steam, preventing your food from getting crunchy and caramelised!

What can you cook in a saute pan?

Saute pans are very useful for various methods of cooking, including searing, simmering and even baking in the oven! Saute pans have a higher flat surface area than a fry pan, giving you more space to brown and sear large cuts of meat. The included lid also makes it possible to cook things like a casserole or stew on the stove.

What is a chef pan?

A chef pan is a large, reasonably flat pan with rounded sides, a fitted lid and either two handles or one handle and one stick handle on either side. Extremely versatile, the humble chef pan can do everything from frying a steak to reducing a stew or creating a creamy risotto - they're a must-have for every kitchen!

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Find The Right Chef And Saute Pans At Spotlight

Once you have found the chef and saute pans you need, pay your way and have them delivered to your home in just a few clicks! You can also pop into your nearest Spotlight store, where our lovely team will help you choose the right saute or chef pans for your needs. For an in-depth dive into what you need to buy for your kitchen, read our handy cookware buying guide. And for party, creative and decorative inspiration, check out our ideas blog today!



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