Balloon Inflation Station

Spotlight offers a variety of products and services to assist with your Party preparation needs. Our balloon inflation service (available in most stores) has several options available to suit your needs.

With a range of over 30 solid colour, 100 printed latex balloons and more than 150 foil balloons to choose from, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Spotlight offers both latex and foil balloons with regular helium and hi-float options. Standard latex balloons last 7 to 10 hours and foil balloons tend to last for about a week depending on the environment. Hi Float increases the float time of latex balloons by creating a film within the latex balloon before Helium inflation extending the flight time up to 24 to 48 hours.


In Store Inflation

Our in store balloon inflation covers everything from single balloons to orders for large party venues.

We ask that large balloon orders (orders of 10 or more) are placed two weeks in advance to ensure that the store has enough helium and balloons to meet your requirements. With all balloon orders, please contact your store in advance to make sure that they can accommodate your order, as some days (particularly Saturdays) book up quickly.

Plan your collection - about 50 inflated balloons fit in the back of a family sedan. For safety balloons should always be contained in a net or bag when travelling.

Our balloon bouquet service lets you combine your choice of balloons with some fun decorations for a unique and tailored decoration or gift idea.

Contact your local Balloon Inflation Station to find out which balloons they have in stock and to discuss how you would like them to be presented. Inflation options include: Air, Helium and Helium with Hi Float.


Inflation Pricing (Excluding Balloons)

Balloon Arrangement Price
1 - 4 Balloons $3
5 - 10 Balloons $4
10+ Balloons $6
Complex Bouquet Arrangement (e.g. Arch) $10
Bring Your Own Balloon (Per Balloon) $1


Bouquet Delivery Price

Express Delivery: Maximum of 2 Bouquets to the same delivery address.



Note: Delivery available in selected stores only.


Helium & Air Fill

Latex Balloons Price
12 - 30cm Latex $0.75
40 - 45cm Latex $4
60cm Latex $10
90cm Latex $15
Hi-Float $0.60
Confetti (Service fee) $1
Air Fill $0.20


Foil & Speciality Balloons Price
45cm Foil $2
Supershape Foil $7
Pre-Packaged Balloon Bouquet $10
Airwalker Foil $15
66cm Number Foil $6
80cm+ Number/Letter Foil $7
Orbz, Cubez, Clearz & Bubbles $6




Didn't purchase your balloons at Spotlight?

No problem, we're happy to inflate balloons not purchased from Spotlight, but we can't guarantee their quality. An additional service fee applies to externally supplied balloon(s) which includes labour & ribbon. Note charges still apply to externally supplied balloons that pop during inflation. Alternatively, you can purchase a Balloon Time kit or balloon gas cylinder hire for inflation at home or the venue.


Additional Service Fee for Externally Supplied Balloons (per balloon)

"Own Balloon" fee (per balloon - excludes inflation) $1




'Balloon Time' Home Inflation Kits

Maximise the float time of your balloons with this easy-use kit.

Balloon Time kits are available in all stores and include a lightweight and easy to use balloon tank as well as a spool of ribbon. Two options are available the Balloon Time Standard Helium Balloon Kit, and the Balloon Time Jumbo Helium Balloon Kit. Simply bring this kit with you to your event location and inflate the balloons on site! Once the tank is empty it can be recycled by most local councils.

If you need more than 50 balloons inflated or have specific designs in mind (such as printed latex balloons with 'Happy Birthday' written on them), consider our balloon gas tank hire option.


Balloon Gas Tank Hire

Spotlight Balloon Inflation Stations also offers Balloon Gas Tank Hire. This means you can inflate the balloons at home or the party venue, rather than figuring out how to transport them from the store (especially if you need more than 50).

A deposit of $100 is required for tank hire. The deposit is refundable on return of the tank within the agreed time frame in an undamaged condition.

Contact your local Spotlight store today for all of your party balloon supply needs!


Balloon Gas Tank Hire Fee

D Tank(Fills approx. 100 standard balloons) $95




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