Blockout Curtain Fabrics

Spotlight offers Blockout Fabrics to make your own stunning curtains in beautiful colours and prints to keep out the sunlight. Shop online or in-store now!

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Can I purchase blockout curtain fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you will find a large selection of blockout fabrics here at Spotlight. Blockout fabrics are so called because they help to block some or all sunlight from coming through the curtains when they are drawn, usually because they have had several coats of acrylic backing, and occasionally because they have had a special layer woven into the curtain fabric. This means that blockout curtains are ideal for bedrooms, and the blockout properties can also help you insulate your home, as rooms can stay cooler if you keep the curtains drawn against the heat of the sun. This will help you be more energy efficient and may result in a lower energy bill too.

What types of blockout curtain fabric are available?

At Spotlight, you will find many different printed, plain, and textured fabrics in our blockout fabrics range, in a variety of colours and styles, and all available by the metre. Also available in this range are blockout magic drapes, which already have eyelets or pencil pleat heading tape fixed along one of the sides, to save you hours of sewing. Simply hem the sides, work out the length needed for your curtain, cut the bottom to fit and hem the bottom and your curtain is ready to be put up.

How do I care for my blockout curtain fabric?

Because of the layers of acrylic backing, it is important to treat your curtains gently when laundering them. Check individual fabrics to see if they can be machine washed or if hand washing is required. If washing in the machine, ensure that any hooks are taken out before putting the curtains inside the drum, as these can damage the curtains as well as the machine. Do not tumble dry your curtains, but let them dry on the line or hang them at the window to dry there, and to avoid damage to the acrylic coating please ensure the coated reverse side does not touch when wet.

Does Spotlight sell other types of curtain fabric too?

Yes, you will find a large choice in our curtain fabrics ranges, which include many uncoated fabrics both plain and printed, Jacquard curtain fabrics, as well as a large range of kids curtain fabrics, sheer curtain fabrics and thermal curtain fabrics. Linings, trims, and other accessories are also available and all our fabrics can be purchased by the metre, so you only have to buy as much as is needed for your project. When buying printed fabrics, always check if you need to allow extra fabric for a pattern match.



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