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Having the right measurements for your ingredients ensures that you produce excellent results. Shop Spotlight's kitchen scales & measuring cups today!

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Can I purchase weighing and measuring products from Spotlight?

While cooking can be a bit more flexible, baking is a bit more of a science, and it is important to use precise measurements if you are hoping to create a bake to remember. Properly measuring ingredients is the secret to a perfectly baked cake, and with our handy range of useful weighing and measuring tools, you will be on the path to success.

What is included in this range?

This range includes just about everything that you need to measure your way to success. You will create delicious treats with ease as these products ensure precision. Measuring cups and spoons will allow you to quickly measure the required amount but remember to make sure that you use a spoon to level the ingredients off for the perfect cup of goods. Whereas, our collection of measuring jugs will certainly ensure that your liquid quantity is on point.

If you are looking for something more precise, check out our choice of measuring scales, the Accura Electronic Double Bowl Scale will ensure that you measure perfectly each time. If you are going on holiday this year, avoid the hefty airline charges by checking your luggage weight with the Globite Luggage Weight scale. If you know what item you require, use our search bar above to see if we have it available. Alternatively, just browse through our kitchenware collection and be spoilt for choice with this practical and stylish range.

What is the difference between cups, grams and ounces?

If you are using recipes from around the world, the quantities of the ingredients needed may be in cups, grams or ounces. Check out our handy table below to convert measurements so that you can easily adapt the ones given in your recipe to the same type as your new measuring tool.

1/4 cup55g2.9oz
1/3 cup73g2.58oz
1/2 cup110g3.88oz
1 cup220g7.75oz

Do you have any tips for beginner bakers?

Whether you are baking the cutest cupcakes or a fresh warm loaf of bread for morning toast, weighing and measuring your ingredients precisely is important to ensure success. If you are following a recipe, it is most certainly advised that you read it properly before beginning. Remember that substituting ingredients or changing quantities can be a challenge as you will need to take the equilibrium between dry and wet ingredients into consideration. Preparing and measuring all of your ingredients, before you begin, will make the whole baking process much simpler.

Eggs will take in more air and butter will cream easier if you allow your ingredients to warm to room temperature prior to baking, this will help to ensure the best possible consistency. Remember to always preheat your oven to the required temperature. Do not open your oven regularly. This is particularly important if you are making bakes that you want to rise as opening the oven can cause your delight to deflate. Most baking recipes require salt, and this does not make your final creation salty, but instead, enhances the flavours and helps to prevent your treat from being too sweet. The most important thing to do when trying to become a top baker is to practice, practice, practice- we are sure your family and friends will be more than happy to be your taste testers!



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