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Having the right measurements ensures that you produce excellent results. Shop kitchen scales, measuring cups, measuring spoons & measuring jugs today.

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Shop Weighing And Measuring Products For Your cooking & Baking Needs

While cooking can be a bit more flexible, baking is a bit more of a science, and it is important to use precise measurements if you are hoping to create a bake to remember. Properly measuring ingredients is the secret to a perfectly baked cake, and with our handy range of useful weighing and measuring tools, you will be on the path to success.

What Can I Find the Weighing and Measuring Range?

This range includes just about everything that you need to measure your way to success. You will create delicious treats with ease as these products ensure precision.

  • Measuring Cups: quickly measure the required amount but remember to make sure that you use a spoon to level the ingredients off for the perfect cup of goods. YOu can find classic measuring cups in a range of colours and smart collapsible measuring cups that will save space!
  • Measuring Spoons: get the accurate measurements for your spices, flavourings and baking essentials with the right measuring spoons. The measuring spoons range features neat space-saving designs that allow the measuring spoons to fit inside one another with the handles clipping together for easy and convenient storage.
  • Measuring Jugs: measuring jugs will certainly ensure that your liquid quantity is on point and make pouring your ingredients east and mess free. Find microwave safe glass measuring jugs and convenient measuring jugs with lids in the range.
  • Kitchen Scales: If you are looking for something more precise, check out our choice of measuring scales that ensure that you measure perfectly each time.
  • Kitchen Thermometers: Measure the perfect temperature with a great kitchen thermometer from the range.

Weighing & Measuring FAQs

What is the difference between cups, grams and ounces?

If you are using recipes from around the world, the quantities of the ingredients needed may be in cups, grams or ounces. Check out our handy table below to convert measurements so that you can easily adapt the ones given in your recipe to the same type as your new measuring tool.




1/4 cup



1/3 cup



1/2 cup



1 cup



Measuring cups vs measuring jug

While both products create the same result, a measuring jug is better for liquids due to the pouring soup and handle. Additionally, glass measuring jugs are microwave proof, perfect for melting butter. Measuring cups are great for dry ingredients and convenience.

What Else Can I Find For My Kitchen at Spotlight?

For all your food prep and baking ware needs, you can find more essentials at prices you'll love. Discover must haves including:

  • Mixing Bowls: mix your ingredients optimally with the right mixing bowl.
  • Baking Pans and Trays: get the perfect results for your baking creations with quality baking pans and trays.
  • Baking Accessories: perfect your baking with accessories like cooling racks and rolling pins.
  • Chopping Boards: chopping boards are essential to preparing your ingredients and providing the right work surface.

Shop Must Have Kitchen Measuring Cups, Spoons, Jugs and More at Spotlight

Measuring your ingredients in a breeze with quality measuring tools from Spotlight. We stock great brands including Wiltshire, Decor, OXO and Avanti to cover all your needs. For more essential kitchen food preparation accessories, be sure to explore Spotlight's selection of kitchen utensils and gadgets, in store or online today! With great value deals and guaranteed low prices across the entire kitchen range, make Spotlight your number one shopping destination for all your kitchenware, dining ware, and cookware needs.



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