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Enjoy a beer at home with any of our handy beer glasses sets from popular brands such as Mode Home. Our beer glasses are the perfect way to unwind at home after work or on the weekend with a refreshing glass of your favourite beer. Drinking beer from a glass elevates the drinking experience compared to drinking from a bottle or can - enjoy the warm colour, frothy head, delightful bubbles and hoppy aroma from a glass of beer and experience your drink to the fullest!

The Types Of Beer Glasses

There are four main types of beer glasses, which in turn come in many smaller variations:

  • Pint glasses - the classic glass we love to see at the pub, most Aussie pint glasses have a slight bulge under the rim that helps you keep a hold of your drink.
  • Beer glasses with handles - cylindrical in shape with a wide handle on the side, these mega-sized glass beer mugs are for serious beer drinkers only!
  • Tulip beer glasses - with a thin stem for holding that helps keep your beer cold, tulip-style beer glasses are designed to preserve a thick layer of foam on your beer and allow you to enjoy the aromatics to their fullest.
  • Speciality beer glasses - most specialty beer glasses are designed for enjoying expensive beers, with tall and flute-like designs the most common.

Pouring your beer into a bottle also helps reduce the amount of co2 in the glass, which, when drunk straight from the bottle or can, makes you feel bloated. So if you're serious about drinking your beer, pour it into the right glass beer mug and enjoy!

Beer Glasses FAQ

What is a beer glass?

A beer glass is a drinking glass specially designed to drink beer out of. Beer glasses come in different varieties, but are usually designed to keep the beer as cold and fresh for as long as possible while allowing the drinker to fully enjoy the smell and taste of the beer at the same time.

How to chill beer glasses

Chilling a beer glass is as easy as popping it into the freezer for an hour, although you should always make sure the glass is clean and has come to room temperature before you do this. Speed up the process by filling the glass to the rim with ice and some water, or you can even wrap it in damp paper towels before freezing.

Make sure not to place your beer glass directly onto the bottom of your freezer, as there is a chance it may get stuck to it - this is especially true of tulip-style beer glasses, as the stem has a greater chance of snapping under pressure.

How to clean beer glasses

To prevent a cloudy film from building up on your beer glasses, always wash them after use and do not allow any old beer to remain in the glass for long. If you don't have time for a full wash, simply rinse them out and leave the more thorough clean for later.

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Ready to choose your beer glasses? Browse the range of our best beer glasses online, where you can pay your way and have your beer glasses home delivered. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best beer glasses for your needs. For a little assistance in choosing and keeping your glassware in good condition, read our drinkware buying guide and blog on cleaning and storing glassware. And put your best beer glasses to good use with some of the ideas from our ideas blog, including setting up a bar at home, throwing a roaring 1920s party or hosting a 90s themed event at home.



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