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To the average person, most sewing threads look the same. However, there can be a big difference between the various sewing threads available today. To help you select the best thread for your craft, we have created a guide that lists common threads used for crafting. So, be sure to check out the thread guide below to find the best threads to add to your collection.

What Is All-Purpose Thread?

If there is one type of thread you want in your thread collection, the all-purpose thread is certainly it. You can use this thread with most types of fabric, since the thread is compatible with both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics.

Most all-purpose threads are made from polyester or cotton, but other materials are possible too. Even though this makes the thread suitable for many different projects, it does lack some of the strength you will find with embroidery thread. So, if maximum durability is required, a different type of thread could be worth considering.

We must also mention that all-purpose thread is not that suitable for extremely delicate fabrics, especially sheer fabrics. Also, all-purpose thread is not that suitable for crafting projects that will be in contact with direct sunlight or high heat. Still, it is a reliable choice for little crafting projects that will be used around the home.

What Is Clear Thread?

Clear thread is quite like a fishing thread, since it has the same type of look. This type of clear thread is commonly used by crafters who need to implement stitches that will not be visible to the naked eye. Therefore, clear thread can be used in many projects.

Crafters will use clear thread for items such as upholstery and quilting. The thread is usually made from nylon, which also means a clear thread has incredible durability. Of course, this does come with a disadvantage for beginners, since a durable thread like nylon can be more difficult to work with.

What Is Embroidery Thread?

When more strength is required for regular sewing projects, most crafters will choose the embroidery thread. Embroidery thread is a special type of thread that can be made from various fibres. The thread also has a characteristic look, which has loads of sheen.

One of the additional benefits of embroidery thread is its affordability, since the thread can be made from more affordable fibres. Of course, there are more expensive variants too, depending on the fibres used in the thread.

A material that proves popular amongst many crafters is the polyester embroidery thread. The material is affordable, since it is manmade, but also has more strength than most fibres. Polyester also provides better colour protection for the actual thread.

There are other options for embroidery thread, since some are made with materials such as cotton, silk, and rayon. While it is no problem to use these materials on lightweight fabrics, it is usually better to choose polyester for the heavier ones - this to ensure a good hold as well as the durability for your project.

In addition to embroidery thread, you may come across embroidery floss too. Embroidery floss is characterised by its six strands, which is then divided into various parts to acquire the thickness desired for the project. So, when you come across embroidery floss, you will come across various weights and thicknesses.

What Is Heavy-Duty Thread?

Heavy-duty thread usually consists of engineered fibres, since this type of thread is made to withstand high tension. Of course, this thread is available in various weights, enabling crafters to choose a heavy-duty thread that is perfect for the weight of their fabric.

Most crafters will recommend a heavy-duty thread for materials such as canvas, since this is a heavy fabric that requires extra thread strength. Therefore, common crafting projects you could use heavy-duty thread for includes camping gear.

What Other Types of Thread Are Available Today?

Believe it or not, we have only mentioned a small fraction of the threads available today. In addition to the thread types we already mentioned, you can also find threads such as elastic thread, industrial thread, jean thread, metallic thread, quilting thread, Serger thread, textured nylon thread, upholstery thread, variegated thread, waxed thread, and many more.

Spotlight offers a full range of threads that are commonly used by crafters - this includes many of the threads mentioned here today. Each of the threads in our product range also comes with a full description, so customers can easily find the threads to match their project based on their properties.

Want to get more familiar with our range of threads? Curious which threads could contribute to your project? Check out our collection of threads today and discover the best price guarantee accompanying these threads at Spotlight. We are sure you won't be disappointed.



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