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Become a great chef at home with our range of quality cookware sets, available at a great price at Spotlight. Shop cookware sets from leading brands online.

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Shop Quality Cookware Sets At Bargain Prices at Spotlight

Once you find a cooking material or brand you just love, consider buying a cookware set that matches! Cookware sets are a great buy if you are just starting your cooking adventure, as they contain a useful selection of pots and pans you'll be using almost every day - they make excellent housewarming gifts for couples that love to cook. But if you already have a couple of old, battle-worn pots and pans sets, don't fret - you can feel good getting yourself a new cookware set too! Simply keep your old pots and pans for your more gnarly cooking, or donate them to someone else who needs them.

Cookware Sets FAQ's

Are cookware sets worth it and why should I invest in one?

It is worthwhile to invest in a cooking set because the price of buying multiple individual items would be greatly more than getting a complete set. A good cookware set can last you a lifetime if cared for properly, and can even be passed down through generations in the case of certain pieces.

What kinds of cookware sets are best for me?

We have several high-quality cookware sets to choose from, including:

  • Anodised cookware sets -some of the most durable and versatile cookware out there, anodised cookware is prized for its easiness to clean and cook with. Anodised cookware has an attractive black finish, making it perfect for modern kitchens and cooks who love to display their cookware sets.
  • Stainless steel cookware sets - a classic for all the right reasons, stainless steel becomes totally non-stick once it reaches a certain temperature and it also stays hot for longer, which is great for when you need to brown and sear food. It is durable, won't react adversely to acidic foods and can even be popped in the dishwasher if you don't feel like handwashing after a long day's work!
  • Aluminium cookware sets - with its power to heat quickly and evenly, aluminium cookware is perfect for when you want to whip up meals fast. It has a lightweight, which is perfect if you plan on flipping your food or have to move the pan around your stove, and is super easy to clean thanks to its non-stick surface.

You can find popular brands like Raco, Bergner and Tefal cookware sets online or in-store.

What size cookware set should I get?

Depending on how many people you regularly cook for and your individual needs, choose a cook set that satisfies. For a family or avid chef, investing in a comprehensive 6 piece cookware set is a must, allowing you to have all the required tools. For individuals, a great value cookset can be a fantastic starting point for exploring cooking. Cookware sets give you the option to stock up on what you need, such as grabbing a saucepan set or 2 piece frypan set to fill in the gaps.

What Other Kinds Of Kitchen Essentials Can I Find In The Spotlight?

Spotlight has heaps of other handy kitchen utensils, including:

  • Metal and silicone spatulas - perfect for folding batter, fluffing scrambled eggs or removing flat foods from your pan, a couple of spatulas in your tool kit will never go astray. Choose metal spatulas for scraping sticky food off surfaces, and softer silicone ones for when you don't want to scratch any of your non-stick cookware sets.
  • Air fryers - an air fryer will help you create healthier versions of all your favourite meals! From simple crispy chips and fried dumplings to a full roast chicken or cake, you can create heaps of delicious meals that are perfectly cooked on the inside and crunchy on the outside - without them being smothered in oil.
  • Casserole pots - a casserole dish can be used to create so many delicious and filling meals, they're essential in every household! Create not only juicy casseroles, but also things like potato bake, saucy baked meatballs and hearty stews in your oven or on your stove.
  • Saute pans - cook like a professional using a versatile saute pan! These large pans have a flat bottom and gently sloped sides, with a lid that fits over the top like a glove. Make everything from a creamy risotto to a spicy stir-fry in this amazing pan!

Discover our entire kitchen range online and discover more cookware including individual frypans, saucepans, stockpots, pancake pans, woks and more!

Find The Right Cookware Sets At Spotlight

The right cookware set will ensure you have everything you need for making amazing meals right at your fingertips. Shop online and enjoy a wide range of payment options and reliable home delivery. Otherwise, check out our pots and pans sets at your nearest Spotlight store today! For fun party ideas where you can flex your cooking skills (and new cookware set), browse our celebrate blog online.



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