Kung Fu Bowl Project



  • 'Abbey Road' Kung Fu Cotton 100g x 4 balls
  • A set of 5mm knitting needles and 5mm circular needle or size required to give correct tension.
  • Marker to mark rounds
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure


20cm in diameter


15 sts and 28 rows to 10cm over garter st, using 5mm needles.


BOWL (beg at top)

Using 5mm circular needle, cast on 108 sts.

1st round - * K2, P4, rep from * to end.

Rep last round 9 times more.

11th round - Knit.

Beg Side Patt

1st round - * K2, P4, rep from * to end.

2nd round - As 1st round.

3rd round - Knit.

4th round - P3, K2, * P4, K2, rep from * to last st, P1.

5th round - As 4th round.

6th round - Knit.

Rounds 1 to 6 incl form side patt.

Cont in side patt until side measures 10cm from beg of side patt.

Shape bottom

Note- Change to set of 5mm needles when there is insufficient sts to use the circular needle.

1st round - Purl, dec 4 sts evenly around � 104 sts.

2nd round - * K6, K2tog, rep from * to end� 91 sts.

3rd round - Purl.

4th round - Knit.

5th round - Purl.

6th round - * K5, K2tog, rep from * to end �78 sts.

7th round - Purl.

8th round - Knit.

9th round - Purl.

10th round - * K4, K2tog, rep from * to end� 65 sts.

11th round - Purl.

12th round - Knit.

13th round - Purl.

14th round - * K3, K2tog, rep from * to end� 52 sts.

15th round - Purl.

16th round - Knit.

17th round - Purl.

18th round - * K2, K2tog, rep from * to end� 39 sts.

19th round - Purl.

20th round - Knit.

21st round - Purl.

22nd round - * K1, K2tog, rep from * to end � 26 sts.

23rd round - Purl.

24th round - Knit.

25th round - Purl.

26th round- * K2tog, rep from * to end � 13 sts.

Break off yarn, leaving a long end. Run end through rem sts and fasten off securely.


DO NOT PRESS. Sew in ends. Fold rib section down. If desired, cut a piece of thick cardboard the shape of the sides and place inside bowl to strengthen.



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