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Enhance the ambience and style of your home with beautiful floor lamps from Spotlight. Discover the range of stunning floor lamps & standing lamps online.

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Brighten Your Home With Standing Lamps And Floor Lamps From Spotlight

How you light your home can greatly affect how cosy, cool, modern or rustic it feels. Spotlight offers a quality range of stylish and beautiful floor lamps, all designed to provide you with light in a specific space in the room.

With a variety of bulbs, shades and bases to choose from, we've got a free-standing lamp that will suit your home here!

Why choose a floor lamp

When it comes to lighting your home you have a lot of choices - downlights, wall sconces, candles, table lamps and of course, floor lamps. We love floor lamps because they provide a widespread glow that is bigger than a table lamp but not as wide-ranging as a downlight. They are tall and elegant with sturdy bases to prevent them from falling over, as well as a range of bulbs and shades that allow you to create a more rustic, elegant, boho, minimalist or modern look.

Floor Lamp FAQs

How to choose a floor lamp

Choose a floor lamp that matches your home's current decor by paying attention to the stem, base and globe of the lamp. You'll want a lamp that is bright enough to lighten your area, and pay attention to the colour of the globe - a white light is cooler and harsher, like the kind in an LED floor lamp, while a yellow light is warmer and cosier, like what you'd find in a lamp with an Edison bulb.

Where to place a floor lamp

Corner floor lamps are usually placed at the edges of the room, or they may be next to a recliner or couch where they can be easily switched on. Place free-standing lamps away from other sources of light (natural or electric) and ensure they will not block any walkways through the space.

How to style a floor lamp

Floor lamps can be styled by matching them to the other decor in your room. Metallic accents and matte black colours are more modern, while a woven lampshade may look more boho and a white plastic base more minimalist.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other lighting options for you to choose from at Spotlight, including:

  • Table lamps: Perfect for your bedside table or coffee table, our table lamps are perfect for lighting up your own personal corner of the room.
  • String lights: Also known as fairy lights, string lights are a fun and whimsical way to provide a little light and colour to any indoor or outdoor space. They come in many different colours, as well as the classic white and yellow.
  • Craft lighting: These handy craft magnifiers are designed to help you see every inch of your latest craft project clearly. Small and manoeuvrable, our craft lamps are ideal for use with intricate hobbies like embroidery, knitting and crocheting, dot painting and model making.

Browse our full range of lighting for every type of electrical lighting available at Spotlight.

Find the right floor lamps at Spotlight

You can buy floor lamps online at Spotlight, where you can safely pay and take advantage of our home delivery service. Otherwise, pop into your nearest Spotlight to shop for tall standing lamps in person.

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