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Setting cutlery on your dining table

Whether it's a weeknight family dinner or a stylish weekend dinner party, setting your table according to dining etiquette gives even the most informal occasion a touch of style.

Unless you've worked in hospitality, setting a table correctly is something of a lost art. But fear not! The basic rules are easy to remember and just as easily applied to any event.

Firstly, lay a placemat on the table, with a dinner plate at the centre of the mat. For more formal occasions, a tablecloth is the preferred replacement to placemats.

When setting the cutlery, place your knives, forks and spoons on the table in order of use, starting from the outside and working inwards with each course. Forks go to the left of the plate, soup spoons and knives go to the right, with knife blades facing inwards towards the plate and spoons.

Regardless of whether it's a casual dinner for family and friends or a formal one, napkins should go underneath forks, and glasses (or plastic tumblers for the kids) are placed to the right of the dinner plate approximately where 1 o'clock is situated on a clock face.

For formal occasions, the same guidelines for cutlery apply: Knives and soup spoon to the right, forks to the left and working inwards with each course. Salad and main forks should be placed on top of an ironed and folded napkin and, along with a water glass, red and white wine glasses sit at approximately 1 o'clock on a clock face.

To complete your formal place setting, a salad plate and soup bowl should be placed on top of the dinner plate, while a bread & butter plate with a knife laid across the plate at 10 o'clock on the clock, and a dessert spoon is above the dinner plate at a 12 o'clock position.

If turning heads with your dining table setting is something that interests you, make sure you check out our guide about setting a dinner table to impress guests.

Keeping your cutlery clean

There are many simple cleaning methods you can employ to help keep your cutlery spotless and, if need be, restore them to their original condition.

Washing your cutlery in warm, soapy water in your sink and drying with a lint-free cloth immediately afterwards is the most effective, tried-and-tested method of keeping your cutlery clean. If you have a dishwasher, wash your cutlery in your sink in warm, soapy water first. This rids them of leftover food but it also immediately removes any harmful acidity that may have transferred from sauces onto your knives, forks and spoons.

Don't use abrasive scrubbers because they can scratch the stainless steel. Choose soft dishcloths, wipes or sponges instead. Once you've given them a wash in the sink, you can then place them in your dishwasher and run a cycle with the rest of your dishes.

For restoring the shine of your cutlery, mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda to eight parts hot water in your sink. Add your cutlery and leave them for five to 10 minutes to fully soak. Rinse them clean and then dry immediately using a lint-free cloth. You can substitute the bicarbonate soda with one part vinegar, if you'd prefer.

Other dinner and tableware

Complement your cutlery and cutlery sets with a range of crockery and dinnerware, including durable, well-crafted dinner plates and bowls in a selection of contemporary and formal styles.

Add matching salt and pepper grinders for extra finesse without the hefty price tag, no matter whether it's for a weeknight dinner or something a little more fancy.

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