Uncoated Curtain Fabrics

Our range of uncoated curtain fabrics at Spotlight are available by the metre in a large number of colours and designs. Shop online or in-store today!

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What are uncoated curtain fabrics?

Uncoated curtain fabrics are the most common type of fabric used for household curtains. These are typically made out of tightly woven cotton or polyester blends which make it opaque and not transparent like sheer fabrics that let a lot of light through.

Uncoated fabrics also offer reasonable levels of thermal insulation for most households, but not as much as blockout or thermal curtains which use foam coatings and several layers of fabric so that it can block out virtually all external light, as well as a lot of the hot or cold temperatures from outside.

What should I look for when buying uncoated fabrics for curtains?

Spotlight Stores offers a wide range of uncoated curtain fabrics from different manufacturers and suppliers. This means you'll have a huge selection of print designs and colours to choose from.

We have curtain fabrics with classic patterns and solid colours that will match well with your home decor, as well as a variety of print designs that really stand out and helps define any room or space. We also carry kid friendly curtain fabric prints with cartoon characters, superheroes, cupcakes and many more light hearted and fun designs that are perfect for children's rooms and nurseries.

Aside from the different designs that are available, uncoated curtain fabrics can be made of either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester.

Polyester cotton blends are the most common material used for curtains. These typically have a higher cotton content than it does polyester - combining the benefits of both types of fabrics, while still being relatively affordable. These are very durable and won't fade quickly even with constant exposure to the sun. Polyester blend curtains are also resistant to mildew and can be washed without having to worry about it shrinking.

Cotton fabrics are entirely made out of natural materials and are biodegradable. These are heavier than polyester blends which makes them drape down nicely resulting in better looking folds. However, since cotton fabrics are made out of natural materials, they are susceptible to mould and mildew and can also fade and wear out more quickly when exposed to the sun, but are still quite durable even after many years of use. Its natural fibres also make cotton curtain fabrics feel nicer and softer, as well as giving it a warmer overall look.

What other types of curtain fabrics can I find at Spotlight Stores?

You'll find a huge selection of different curtain fabrics here in our online store and at all our Spotlight Stores retail locations. Aside from uncoated curtain fabrics, we offer a wide variety of coated and layered fabrics like room darkening, blockout and thermal curtain fabrics. We also sell sheer and jacquard curtain fabrics that feature elegant patterns and designs.

For those who would rather not sew their own curtains from scratch, we sell Magic Drapes which can be easily hemmed to your desired length without any sewing. We also offer ready-made curtains with different style and fabric options, as well as different types of window blinds.

What curtain accessories does Spotlight Stores offer?

Here at Spotlight Stores, we have everything you'll need to sew your own curtains from scratch, as well as all the fixtures you'll need to install and hang your curtains and blinds properly.

Check out our curtain making essentials ranging from pleated heading tape, webbing, eyelets, curtain weights to hemming tape. When it comes time to install your curtains or blinds, we offer curtain rods, tracks, rings, hooks, tie backs and finishing trim such as cords, braids and tassels.



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