Food Storage Containers

Keep your food fresh with our range of quality food containers from leading brands like Deco and Sistema. Shop food storage containers at Spotlight.

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Can I buy Containers from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have an enormous selection of containers in a range of sizes, shapes and capacities. These super-stylish storage solutions are perfect for transporting your lunch to work or school, storing your leftovers or getting ahead in your food preparation. Every home needs multiple containers, whether you are looking for an individual option or a multi-pack with a selection of different sizes. We endeavour to have the container that you need at a price that you will love, so shop our selection online or instore today for all the containers that you could possibly need, available now at Spotlight's fabulous guaranteed low prices.

What can I store in these containers?

That is a matter of personal preference really! You can never have too many containers, and this collection features a whole host of containers in various shapes, sizes and materials. Pasta stores are ideal for spaghetti whereas, the mini options are great for taking small snacks in your lunch box. Choose a container that is leak-proof or air tight, particularly if you are preparing food for on the go. You will not be quite as happy when your homemade lunch has made a mess inside your bag. You will be able to reduce waste and ensure freshness with this fabulous selection of containers. Salads, pasta, or a rice dish could be a healthier option instead of canteen food at work. Transparent containers are great as they will allow you to see what has already been stored in each box. If you are committed to making healthier options and watching what you eat, then containers can be an essential dieting tool. Measure and pre-pare meals in advance so that you know exactly how many calories are consuming even during those busy days when you don't have time to cook. While these containers have been designed for storing food, you can pretty much store just about anything you like! Keep your art supplies, sewing stuff, and stationery neat and tidy or anything else.

Do you have any tips for organising my plastic containers?

Storing your plastic containers can be a challenge, particularly when you seemingly have more lids than containers or vice versa. First of all, we recommend only having the containers that you will use regularly. Simply choose the sizes that you are most likely to use on a frequent basis. Storing your lids vertically allows you to take the one that you need without messing up the order, or you could even use a small dish rack or CD rack for keeping them neat and tidy. You could also choose containers in the same shape so that they will easily store inside each other. These containers can be an essential tool in helping you to create your own storage system, stick to it, and this will help you to save precious time during the day.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

Prior to cleaning your container, ensure that you have read the individual care instructions fully. It is not recommended to wash your plastic container in the dishwasher, and they should be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. If the container is labelled as being dishwasher safe, use the top shelf to avoid the high heats of the machine. Ensure that it has been rinsed properly and dried thoroughly before storing it. Finally, only put your container in the microwave if it is labelled as being microwave safe.



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