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Organise Your Fridge & Pantry Like a Pro With Food Storage Containers

At Spotlight, you can find an enormous variety of food storage containers in different sizes, shapes and capacities. These practical storage solutions are perfect for transporting your lunch to work or school, storing your leftovers, getting ahead with your food preparation and organising your pantry. You can find food containers made from plastic and glass, sold either individually or in handy multi-packs to cover all of your food storage needs. There are also options perfect for pouring cereal, storing salads, creating bento boxes and storing cupcakes… you can even find containers specifically for cooking rice and poaching eggs in your microwave!

Why Is Having The Right Food Storage Containers Important?

Having suitable food storage containers is important when it comes to safe food storage, ease of cleaning, "stackability" in your fridge or pantry, and whether they're suitable for use in freezers, dishwashers or microwaves. A well-organised kitchen should have a variety of containers with different end uses in mind. Consider having some for storing leftovers (that can be conveniently reheated in the same container), some for keeping dry goods, and some with compartmentalised designs that are perfect for packed lunches.

Food Storage Containers FAQs

What does BPA-free mean?

BPA, or bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical that has been used in the manufacture of certain plastics since the 1950s. Due to consumer concern, BPA has been eliminated from many containers and bottles made from polycarbonate plastics - "BPA free" will be clearly stated on product listings and labels if you wish to avoid containers with this compound. You can find out more about the regulation and monitoring of BPA in Australia and New Zealand here.

[H4] Are plastic food containers dishwasher safe?

Many food containers available on the market are dishwasher-safe for your convenience. Be sure to take note of the specific instructions, as they often specify that they can only be placed in the top rack to avoid too much heat and the risk of warping. It's also a great idea to include a selection of food storage containers made from glass in your selection. As plastics are oleophilic, or "oil-loving", they can sometimes be tricky to clean when used to store certain leftovers like curries or pasta sauces. Reserve your plastic containers for oil-free dishes or dry goods, and keep the glass ones for anything with oil or grease for ease of cleaning up later on.

What size food storage container do I need?

The best approach to setting yourself up for optimal food storage and organisation is to choose a range of containers of different sizes and volumes. For example, you can find tall containers specifically designed for spaghetti, or microwave-safe containers that are perfect for storing leftover soup and reheating the next day. Consider your favourite dishes and choose a range of containers accordingly. Another top tip is to try and keep consistency with the range or brand of food containers in your kitchen, as they are often designed to stack easily with each other and maximise storage space in your fridge or pantry.

What Other Kitchen Storage Items Can I Find At Spotlight?

When it comes to creating a seamlessly organised kitchen, Spotlight's range of kitchen storage items has all your needs covered! You can find:

  • Pantry Storage Containers: If you need to narrow down your options from the food storage container selection, check out our range of containers that are specifically designed for storing, dispensing and stacking your dry goods.
  • Jars & Canisters: Whether you're looking to store tea, coffee, sugar or your favourite bikkies, you'll find the perfect option in our range of canisters. You can also find a great range of glass jars that are ideal for preserving and storing homemade pickles, chutneys and jams.
  • Kitchen Organising Trays & Shelves: Maintain visibility of all your pantry goods with elevated trays and graduated shelves. A kitchen storage must-have!
  • Dish Racks: Make washing up a breeze with Spotlight's range of well-designed and great-value dish drainers.
  • Drink Bottles & Lunch Boxes: Whether you're food prepping for school or the office, you can find practical, insulated lunch bags and drink bottles to appeal to kids and adults alike.

Shop Kitchen Storage Ideas & Food Prep Inspiration With Spotlight

Whether you're setting up a new kitchen or just want to expand your options for food storage and meal preparation, Spotlight's huge kitchen range has everything you need! Discover cookware, baking needs, kitchen appliances and a selection of food preparation items including utensils, chopping boards, kitchen knives and much more. Make your purchases online and take advantage of convenient home delivery options, or head into your local Spotlight store where you can have our friendly team members help you find all your kitchen and cooking needs. For more tips, tricks and inspiration when it comes to kitchen storage, make sure you also check out our informative kitchen set-up buying guide!



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