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Find all the knitting, crochet & needle art tools you need at Spotlight. Shop stitch markers, knitting row counters, latch hooks, pom pom makers & more!

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No crafter's toolkit is complete without the right accessories, and at Spotlight we have all the tools and accessories you can imagine for knitting projects, crochet projects, embroidery projects and more. Discover essentials like stitch markers and row counters for knitting and crochet, as well as tools like pom pom makers, knitting and weaving looms, knitting gauges, French knitters, yarn needles and more. We also have fabulous accessories like gift tags for your handcrafted creations and magnetic boards to display your cross stitch patterns for ease of reading. No matter what your chosen yarn-based craft is, Spotlight has the right tools and accessories to help you take your creations to the next level.

Find The Right Tools & Accessories For Every Yarn & Needle Art Project

  • Knitting Projects: Complete your knitting projects with a professional touch with knitting blockers and yarn needles. You can also find knitting row counters and stitch markers to help you keep track of complex designs.
  • Crochet Projects: Explore the range of handy tools like ergonomic crochet handles, yarn bobbins and crochet hook gauge tools to make the process of crocheting a breeze.
  • Latch Hook Projects: Latch hooking can be used to make rugs, wall hangings and other textile art. Find latch hook tools and open weave rug canvas materials in Spotlight's range.
  • Pom Poms & French Knitting: Discover French knitting tools and pom pom makers for a fun and easy way to use your favourite yarns.
  • Embroidery & Cross Stitch: Keen embroidery artists can find handy accessories like embroidery thread bobbins, floss winders and floss organisers to keep all their embroidery threads neat and easily accessible.

Needle Art Tools & Accessories FAQs

How to use a stitch marker

Stitch markers come in the form of split rings or may be similar to safety pins which lock into place. They're used to keep track of stitch increases, decreases, complex patterns and are designed to be easily removed and repositioned on your knitting or crochet work. To use, simply slip the marker into the required position to keep track of where you're at in your knitting or crochet pattern.

What is a French knitter?

A French knitter is a handy device, and may also be referred to as a knitting nancy or a spool knitter. They're used to create narrow tubes of knitted braids and consist of a series of pins atop a hollow tube of either plastic or wood. You can use a French knitter to create matching drawstrings for your knitting projects, headbands, coasters, necklaces and more - and are a great way to introduce kids and beginners to the art of knitting!

How to use a pom pom maker

There are many ways to make your own pom poms, and using a specialised pom pom making tool is one of the easiest! Your pom pom maker will come with its own set of instructions, so make sure to follow them carefully. They typically consist of two halves around which you wind your chosen yarn. Once the halves of the maker are joined, snip along the edge of the maker and tightly tie a length of yarn to secure the cut lengths. Check out our handy article on 4 ways to make a pom pom for more tips, tricks and inspiration!


Needle art tools & accessories aren't just "nice to have" extras - stitch markers, row counters, yarn needles and blocking boards are just some of the essential tools for creating professionally finished pieces of yarn art. Shop the range at Spotlight where you can also find yarn, wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks as well as knitting, craft & crochet patterns to create gorgeous accessories from start to finish. Make your purchases online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or head into your local Spotlight store to explore the yarn & needle art range in person. Explore our FREE online knitting & crochet projects to inspire your next creations, and be sure to sign up as a Spotlight VIP for exclusive benefits and discounts.



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