Harris Everyday Bag Project

Skill Level: Beginner

What you'll need:


1 large motif measures approx 30cm x 30cm, using a 5 mm hook


Main body of the bag is constructed with three equal granny square motifs created with triple crochet stitch and worked into every chain.

Using 4.50mm hook and selected yarn, make 4ch and join with a sl st to form a ring.

1st round (RS) - 5ch (counts as 1tr, 2ch), (3tr in ring, 2ch) 3 times, 2tr in ring, sl st in 3rd of 5ch at beg.

2nd round - Sl st in next ch, 7ch (counts as 1tr, 4ch), 2tr in corner sp, 1tr in each tr across side of square, 2tr in corner sp, 4ch, rep from twice more, 2tr in corner sp, 1tr in each tr across last side of square, 1tr in corner sp at beg, sl st in 3rd of 7th ch at beg 4 groups of 7tr.

Rep 2nd round until 15 rows have been completed. Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Create 3 Squares with the same number of rounds.

Sewing Together

Fold the three squares diagonally to create three triangles. Using a yarn needle sew the triangles together to form the bag body.

Using a flat seam join 2 adjacent sides of the first square to 2 adjacent sides of the second square, then join 2 adjacent sides of the second square to rem 2 adjacent sides of the first square (thus forming the sides and base of Bag).


Working the strap into the outer corners of the bag, count 5 chains (including the centre point). You will be working these 5 chains on each side of the bag to create the strap. Begin with the second chain to the left of the centre chain.

1st round (RS) - With RS facing and using 4mm hook, join yarn into one top corner of the first square. Make a length of chain 20sts long and taking care not to twist ch, join with a sl st in the corresponding top corner of the second square.

2nd round - Ensure the foundation row is not twisted, dc through the next ch at the bag corner, and work your way across the bag strap (20dc).

3rd round - Rep 2nd round into each of the 3 remaining corner chains of the bag. Strap should be 5 rows wide.


DO NOT PRESS. Sew in ends.



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