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How Do I Maximise The Lifespan Of My Potholders?

Most people who clean their kitchen on a weekly basis do a really thorough job. However, there is something many people forget, even if they keep their kitchen immaculate. The potholder is one of the most neglected items in the kitchen, which leads to it needing to be replaced very quickly.

To maximise the lifespan of your new Spotlight potholder, you can use some helpful tips to keep your potholder maintained. By doing so, you can enjoy your potholder a lot longer and keep your kitchen looking pristine in the process.

What Are The Best Ways To Clean Potholder?

You may wonder how you clean potholders, as it is not something you wash every week. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to clean your potholders and they don't require a lot of effort.

Washing machine - Most potholders can be put on a normal cycle in the washing machine. However, we do not recommend putting it with your regular clothes, as potholders can contain some grease stains. To avoid problems, wash your potholders together or with other fabrics that perform a similar function.

Handwashing - If you do not want to wash your potholders in the washing machine, you can easily wash them by hand. Simply add some lukewarm water to a container or a sink. Then, add a little bit of your favourite soap. Place the potholders in the container or sink and leave them submerged for a good fifteen minutes.

Once your potholders had the chance to soak, you can remove any stains by rubbing the potholder fabric with your hands. You could also use a fabric brush to scrub out the stains, just make sure you use a clean brush.

When all the stains are removed, give your potholders a really good rinse. Make sure no soap residue remains, as this could cause discolouration and ruin the design of your potholders.

Boiling - Before we explain the boiling method, it is important to explain that boiling should only be done as a last resort. If you can't get your potholders clean through handwashing or machine washing, then this is the last cleaning option. If the potholders still look dirty after the boiling method, then it is time to buy some new ones from Spotlight.

To boil your potholders, add a large pot of water and let the water boil. Add a few drops of your favourite soap and add your potholders to the water. Then, let the potholders cook for a good half-hour. Once a half-hour has passed, use a pair of tongs and use it to remove the potholders from the water. Then, put them on a standard wash cycle in the washing machine.

Is There A Protective Treatment Against Grease?

While there are no real dedicated products to protect your potholders against grease, there is a simple trick you can implement. Simply obtain some spray starch from the supermarket and spray some on your potholders after every wash. Doing so can help prevent grease stains from forming and subsequently can prevent permanent damage to the fabric.

Of course, grease stains are not the only problem. If grease ends up in your potholder, it can cause your potholder to have a rather unpleasant smell. There are a couple of common household tricks that could eliminate this smell. Some people use a prewash cycle on their washing machine, while others let their potholder soak in vinegar.

When you use special products to remove the grease smell from a potholder, always make sure that you check the suitability of the product for the potholder in question. For example, some people swear by diluted bleach, but this could remove the colour from your potholder or cause some unsightly white spots. So, be careful with every kind of treatment you use.

Can't Clean It? Get A New Potholder At Spotlight!

The potholders at Spotlight are so affordable, you can easily get in several at the same time. We also provide potholders with various designs, so you can always find something that fits in your kitchen perfectly. So, if you are getting too stressed about your current potholders and have tried every cleaning method in the book, why not take advantage of the amazing collection of potholders available for a very low price at Spotlight!



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