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Style Your Home With Elegant Candle Holders From Spotlight

Candles can provide light and create a cosy atmosphere in your home, so why should you add candle holders? Candle holders serve multiple purposes, and at Spotlight you can find a candle holder to fit almost any candle! We have glass candle holders, wooden candle holders, tea candle holders and pillar candle holders - no matter your candle, we've got a holder to suit it.

Candle holders not only add an extra decorative element to your candle but also protect your surface from the heat of the flame. Candle holders contain wax drips that could otherwise fall off the candle, plus they can help stabilise thinner candles like taper candles. Finally, enclosed candle holders can protect the flame of your candle from errant gusts of wind, excitable pets or curious children.

How you can style candle holders in your home

With so many different candle holders to choose from, styling them in your home is easy!

  • Glass candle holders are a clean and modern choice that suits minimalist and elegant homes. The glass can help throw the light from your candle further, although you need to make sure you keep your candle wick trimmed so no soot will stain the glass.
  • Wooden candle holders provide a bit of natural, earthy colour to your candle and can be used effectively in any home. Most of the time they will be combined with a bit of glass so you can still see the candle inside.
  • Pillar candle holders are wide, sturdy candle holders designed to hold large pillar candles and thinner taper candles. Use them to hold candles on your dinner table on a romantic night, or style them in your lounge room for an elegant and vintage look. You can find metal, glass and wooden pillar candle holders at Spotlight.
  • Tea candle holders are a necessity if you plan on using tea lights in your home. Because they are so small, tea lights are easily blown out and their small height means it's easy to accidentally put arms and hands into them. Tea candle holders protect the candle from the elements, and you from the candle!

Use small candle holders for tea lights and taper candles, and large candle holders for pillar candles and candles in abstract shapes.

Candle Holder FAQ

What is a candle holder?

A candle holder is a supportive and decorative base that supports a candle. They come in many different styles - some will be no more than a flat base, while others will almost completely enclose the candle. They are made from heat and fire-proof materials, such as glass, treated wood and stone.

How to get wax out of a candle holder

The cold method - pop your candle in the freezer. This will shrink the wax and help it separate from the rim of the candle holder. It should then be easy to tip out or scrape off if needed.

The hot method - boil your kettle and pour the hot water into your jar candle holder. This will cause the wax to melt and rise to the surface. Once the water has cooled, plug your sink and tip the water and wax into it. Remove the wax and put it in the bin. Never dispose of wax down the drain, as it will clog your pipes.

How to clean a candle holder

If you want to reuse your candle holder, wash it with warm water and soap. Dry with a cloth so there are no water stains on your candle holder. If you have stubborn soot stains, dip some paper towel into rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and work at the stain to remove it.

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Find the right candle holders at Spotlight

Protect and enhance your candles with the right candle holders from Spotlight today! Shop online, quickly pay and we'll deliver your candle holders straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right candle holders for your needs.

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