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What Are Spotlight's Top Ornaments for Homes This Year?

Spotlight always has a lovely selection of ornaments available, so Australians can make their home the best it can be. If you would like to add some ornaments to your home, but not quite sure which you should obtain from our range this year, we recommend checking out some of our recommendations below.

What Is the First Ornament I Should Obtain from Spotlight This Year?

Our first recommended ornament for your home are Emporium Standing Rabbits, which appear to be covered in moss! This delightful bunny could be a lovely centrepiece on your coffee table or kitchen window sill.

The Emporium Standing Rabbits are also a recommendation for Easter this year, since they match this time of year perfectly. Decorate them with some hand-painted Easter eggs or add a lovely basket of chocolate eggs. There is no limit to how special you can make these cute bunnies!

What Is the Second Ornament I Should Obtain from Spotlight This Year?

Some ornaments can be incredibly functional - this much is proven by the Emporium Feather Plate. The Emporium Feather Plate can be used for trinkets, keys, jewellery, and coins, making it suitable for use in the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and living room.

The Emporium Feather Plate has a delightful and detailed feather design that will look nice in all interiors. However, if you would like to keep your options open for your trinket plate, be sure to check some of the other designs provided by Emporium in the Spotlight catalogue.

What Is the Third Ornament I Should Obtain from Spotlight This Year?

There are many ornaments that can turn the atmosphere in your home around. If you want to add more balance or relaxation into your home, you can choose such an ornament in the form of the Bouclair Shibori Buddha.

Something about a meditating Buddha statue is incredibly relaxing, so anyone who wants a more relaxing atmosphere in their home should have this ornament in their living room. Of course, the living room is not the only location where you can add this statue, since it is also suitable for a bedroom or study.

What Is the Fourth Ornament I Should Obtain from Spotlight This Year?

Another functional choice from our ornament collection is the Bouclair Warm Minimalist Menu Stand. Suitable for use in the kitchen or dining room, the Bouclair Warm Minimalist Menu Stand immediately adds more sophistication and style to any home.

Menu stands can be an essential ornament for Australians who like to entertain regularly. However, you do not necessarily have to use this ornament to display a menu, since it can easily hold your favourite recipes too. So, if you love to cook or entertain, the Bouclair Warm Minimalist Menu Stand will be an essential ornament to add to your home.

What Is the Fifth Ornament I Should Obtain from Spotlight This Year?

Do you have a modern interior, but find that it lacks some warmth? If so, you can make your modern interior a little warmer with the help of the Bouclair Private Gallery Bamboo Deco Ball. The Bouclair Private Gallery Bamboo Deco Ball has a lovely red metallic colour, making it suitable as a centrepiece in a modern living room.

There are many other ornaments you could obtain from Spotlight this year, so do not limit yourself to the recommended decorations we mentioned today. Check out our entire ornament catalogue and transform your home into an epicentre of style and sophistication. Of course, at Spotlight, you can do this for the most affordable price!



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