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Adorn your walls with stunning wall art that matches your home decor style & personality. Find beautiful canvas prints, framed art & wall plaques at Spotlight.

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Bare walls can make even the busiest home look a little empty, so fill that space with the right wall art from Spotlight! Our wall art range encompasses all sorts of subjects, from cute animals and pretty landscapes to intriguing abstracts and eye-catching 3D art. Spotlight's range of home wall decor can be styled in your way of choosing - whether you're in mind for an impressive gallery wall or a simple single statement piece, we have some of the best wall hangings in Australia for you to choose from!

Discover Wall Decor To Suit Any Taste

At Spotlight, you can find a range of art that resonates with your personal style and home decor. Some great options we have include:

  • Canvas prints are neat and modern frameless images. Smaller wall art prints complement spaces limited by windows or closets, while larger canvases look majestic when used to fill large, empty walls in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways.
  • Framed art prints are an affordable, tasteful alternative to traditional wall decorations like paintings. Framed art prints are more traditional in style than canvas prints.
  • Plaques and wall hangings are just the ticket for people who like to think outside the box. Wood grain plaques and mandalas, seagrass wall hangings and metal etchings add a distinctively contemporary look to the home, and can also recall happy travel experiences.
  • Wall paintings with bold lines or panoramic vistas are perfect for sprucing up plain walls and rooms or complementing the furnishings and interior design themes of your home.

Wall Art FAQs

What is wall art?

Wall art is the paintings, prints and plaques people use to decorate the walls of their homes. Wall art decor can be hung and arranged in many different ways to suit the style of your home, and are often not permanently attached so the art can be cycled through the space over time.

How should I arrange my wall art?

The size of your wall, the furniture in the room and even the lighting can affect what the best way is to hang your wall art. Smaller pieces can be clustered to create a gallery wall, or you can choose to highlight one single, impressive piece of art. For a more in-depth look at this topic, read our guide to choosing and hanging wall art.

Can I use mirrors as wall art?

While they are primarily used to view yourself, mirrors are also excellent for use in home decor! Mirrors can be used to reflect light, 'enlarge' a room and enhance the look of a space. Like wall art, mirrors can be hung gallery wall style or just on their own - for more information on this topic, check out our guide to mirrors and mirror wall decor.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find even more ways to decorate your home in some of our other home collections:

  • Decorative ornaments - unique, quirky and stylish table and hanging ornaments can be found here, perfect for filling the smaller spaces in your home.
  • Other art - unique hanging art can be found here! Perfect for the kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom.
  • Artificial plants - a little greenery can go a long way into refreshing and revitalising your home, and you can find easy to manage faux plants and flowers right here.
  • Photo frames - pair your wall art with memories and keepsakes in lovely photo frames to create a personalised look.
  • Wall clocks - a wall clock and compliment your wall art and create a cohesive wall.

Discover the rest of our home decor range online or in-store today!

Find The Right Wall Art At Spotlight

Up your home decorating game with the right wall decor from Spotlight. You can browse our range of free-standing and framed wall art online, where you can pay your way and have your wall art home delivered. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right home wall decor for your space! If you'd like to try your hand at making your own wall art, why not try your hand at some of our wall art projects? Make your own fruit wall art, timber unicorn wall art and washi tape wall art with us today!



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