Towel Rails

Stop wet towels from littering your bathroom floor by putting up one of these handy towel rails or rings from Spotlight! Shop online or in-store now!

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Can I purchase towel rails at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Towel rails are essential if you want to have a clutter-free bathroom, shower room or cloakroom, and can also come in handy in areas such as utility rooms, or even in bedrooms if your bedrooms have wash basins in them.

What types of towel rails are available at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you will find both ring-shaped towel rails, ideal for areas where there is not too much wall space, as well as long bar-shaped towel rails, which will fit above the bath or behind the door and anywhere where you have a wider area of wall space available. Some towel rails can be fixed with suction cups to tiled surfaces, which means they can be moved when required.

Why using a towel rail can help your towels to last longer

Using a towel rail means not only that you will have fewer towels cluttering up the bathroom floor or the hook behind the door, but it also means that your towels will last longer. Putting towels on a towel rail allows them to dry more quickly and easily, which means there is less chance of mould or mildew developing to attack the fibres of your towel. This will keep your towels smelling fresher and means you can wash them using less detergent. Many people make the mistake of adding extra detergent thinking it will clean the towels better, but in fact, it is more likely to clog up the fibres, which can result in your towels being less fluffy.

Give all family members their own towel rail

Unless you use towels in different colours or designs for different members of the family, it is easy to grab another person's towel after a bath or shower. Not only can that towel still be damp from when they used it, but it can also allow bacteria or germs to transfer between different members of the family, so it is more hygienic if everyone knows which towel is theirs.

What if I have a heated towel rail on the bathroom?

Even if you have a heated towel rail on the wall, having some towel rails near the wash basin will be convenient for your hand towels, as they will be within easy reach after washing your hands. That way, the heated towel rail can be used for storing and drying the bath towels that you use after your bath or shower.

Does Spotlight sell other bathroom accessories?

Yes, as well as towel rails, you will find a huge collection of other bathroom accessories here too, including shower curtains, mirrors, toilet roll holders, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders, tumblers, soap dispensers and soap dishes, and much more. Browse our whole bathroom range to see the many different options, colours, designs and materials on offer.



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