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Apart from helping you get a restful night's sleep and allowing you to express your design tastes, quilt covers and pillowcases serve an important purpose. Given that quilts are reasonably expensive and difficult to clean, making sure your quilt is protected with a functional, quality quilt cover will give it a longer life because the covers are far more easily removed and regularly washed. Likewise, a quality pillowcase keeps your pillow clean and hygienic, ensuring it stays fresher longer and protects you from many of the allergens that can hide in your pillows. At Spotlight we are proud to stock a range of stunning quilt covers from leading brands including Linen House, KOO, Logan & Mason, Emerald Hill, Brampton House and more!

How To Choose The Best Quilt Cover

Quilt covers come in a range of materials and design inspirations to cater for different tastes, bed styles and sleep preferences. Getting the mix right will land you with the best quilt cover for your purposes.

  • Materials & Fabrics: Cotton and cotton blends are the most popular but you can also choose from bamboo, flannel and synthetic quilt or doona covers. For a touch of luxury, silk quilt cover sets are hard to beat. Generally, if you need a lot of warmth to get a better night's sleep, choose quilt cover sets made from heavier materials - like cotton and flannel - which tend to trap and retain heat better. If you prefer milder conditions for sleep, natural fibres are breathable and will offer you better value.
  • Thread Count: Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square 10 cm of fabric and, when it comes to quilt sets, higher isn't always better. Quilt covers with a very high thread count can trap heat, which is ideal if you need warmth. On the other hand, a low thread count quilt cover made from quality fibres will allow air to move through the quilt more easily and still feel soft and luxurious for the person who likes their sleep temperature a bit lower.
  • Size & Coverage: If your quilt cover is too small, the quilt will bunch, which means you won't be covered properly at night. Conversely, if your quilt cover is too big, your quilt will move around in the cover and won't provide an even source of heat. Either way, your bed will look messy and you won't get a good night's sleep, so be mindful of choosing the quilt or doona cover that is the right size for your bed.
  • Style and colour: Match your quilt cover to the current theme of your room by choosing a bold printed quilt cover or a more subtle plain quilt cover. Also, consider the texture of your quilt cover and find options such as waffle quilt covers, jacquard quilt covers, velvet quilt covers, quilted quilt covers and flannelette quilt covers that can add depth and warmth to your bed.

Quilt Covers FAQs

What is included in a quilt cover set?

When buying a single bed quilt cover set to complement your bed linen, you're buying a quilt cover and one matching standard pillowcase. If you're buying a double, queen or king-size set, you get the quilt cover plus two matching standard pillowcases.

How to style a quilt cover?

To style a quilt cover, choose coordinating decorative bed cushions, a decorative throw blanket and European pillowcases. Choose colours that complement and if you want an easy way to dress your bed, a coverlet set is a great choice.

How to wash a quilt cover?

Always follow the package instructions for your quilt cover. Generally, most quilt covers are machine washable, you may want to use a delicate cycle and cold water for materials such as linen. It is best to line-dry your quilt cover and wash it as soon as there are any stains or marks to avoid permanent damage.

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