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Recolour old linen, pillows, clothes and more with our fabric dye, clothes dye, and rit dye at Spotlight! Explore our collection of fabric dye today!

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Can I buy fabric dyes at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. You can buy fabric dyes here to colour or re-colour garments and other fabrics, as well as a number of markers, crayons and spray to create colourful images on T-shirts, banners and lots of other items. The range also includes complete dye kits, and if you have need of products to remove colours that have run or stained your fabrics, you will find those here as well.

Why use fabric dye?

There are many reasons why you might want to use fabric dye. Dyeing cloth is a great way to give new life to old favourite garments, or to custom colour a fabric before sewing. It's easy, quick and cheap! Once you have been brave enough to try dyeing fabrics, you can get creative with different colours and techniques to update items from your wardrobe. It can also be a great way to add life to clothing that kids have managed to stain or to add colour to bedding and other household items.

What should I keep in mind when dyeing fabrics?

1. Choose your garment. If you are new to the world of dyeing fabrics, start with something simple like a T-shirt to get the hang of how it works. Always remember that not all fabrics lend themselves to dyeing, so if the label says something is 100% acrylic, polyester or acetate, give up now. Try natural fibres like cotton, wool or blended fabrics.
2. Choose your dye. Some brands of dye will be suitable for a variety of different fibres, while other brands offer different products, so make sure you read the instructions well! Some fabric dyes are designed to be used in the washing machine, while others need a pot on top of the stove, which may involve more cleaning afterwards too.
3. Be prepared. Dyeing can be a messy activity so get your workspace ready, cover it with newspapers and make sure you protect yourself too, with an apron and gloves. Keep in mind that some items may not accept dye, so you may have to replace buttons, zips or other fastenings once you have changed the colour of your garment or other item.
4. Keep dyed fabrics away from other items for a couple of washes, just in case some of the fabric dye has been left behind. Once you have the hang of it, you can get creative, using natural dyes, a mixture of colours, or different effects by using techniques or items like rubber bands for special effects.

What else is included in the range?

Markers, sprays and crayons are a great way to personalise anything from a simple T-shirt to large items such as Duvet covers. Think of creative uses such as a special birthday message for a child to wear on their birthday, to a unique Duvet cover with messages from all the wedding guests to give to a happy couple after the reception. Banners, placards and signs can also easily be made from some material and colourful markets. Also included are complete fabric dye kits, T-shirt transfer paper, and all kinds of ties for that unique tie-dye effect.



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